Zombie Cover

In this guide, we will explain you, step by step, how you will obtain one of those wonder weapons that we talked about, the Dischord.

Get the battery by hunting down the targets

In order to obtain the battery, the only thing that you need to do is having a sunglass. If you ask how you will get one, let us say that it is randomly dropped by the zombies that you waste. No need to wonder about what are those glasses, which turn your screen black & white, it assists you in finding the targets. In order to find the battery, you need to find 5 targets, randomly scattered across the map. However, remember that you can see the targets only by a pair of sunglasses. Those targets, colored in red, can be found in 13 different locations. Of course you will find the targets only in 5 of them.

  • Behind the prize counter in Arcade,
  • Up-Right corner of the glass window of the store, right behind the arcade,
  • In arcade, on the ceiling,
  • Right on top of the ATM,
  • On the rails of the speed train,
  • Inside the trash bin in Demon Attack in Arcade,
  • Under bridge around Crater Cakes,
  • On the window of the upper floor of the Arcade,
  • On the left side of the big Triton Signboard,
  • Behind the cardboard Discord alien post

After shooting all 5 targets that you reveal in the locations, given above, battery will appear on the dance floor in the Arcade. This may seem a bit easy but you may also have hard time to locate the sunglasses and the items. Mark my words, Zombies in Spaceland may irritate you.

Call of zombies

Win the Discoball from the gift shop

In order to obtain the one of the legendary weapons of the Zombies in Spaceland mode, you need to complete three different pieces. To list them all, they are the Disco Ball, Ruby and the Battery that we mentioned above. Let’s continue to our guide with the Disco Ball, the easiest one to get. You need to start the progress by locating the gift machine outside the Arcade. To win the Discoball from the gift machine, you need to insert metal coins from three different colors. Those coins in red, blue or green can be obtained in a random fashion by killing the zombies. Those things that you perform here in this stage will also help you to complete the other mini games on the map.

Disco Ball Laser

Hardest Part, obtaining the Ruby

In order to start working on obtaining the Ruby, you need to have some tickets and keep the Pack-a-Punch room door open. Start by purchasing a weapon called the Arcane Core for 300 tickets from the truck with the Weapons of the Future machine. After getting your gun, you need to go to the Pack-a-Punch room to activate the UFO’s on the map. One of the UFO’s will come to the Arcade and will start hovering above the dance floor. Activating the dance floor trap is the thing that you have to do now. After killing a sufficient number of zombies with this trap, UFO will leave the dance floor and will start advancing.

zombies weapon

From this point forward, you need to follow the UFO and to kill 25 Zombies while following it. When you kill 25 zombies, the Venom Modification shall appear as a green orb under the UFO. The reason that you need an Arcane Core with Venom Modification is that you also need to shoot at a part of the hidden machine at the mouth of the Spare Croc. To find the hidden machine, first you have to purchase the golden teeth for 300 tickets. After that you need to bring a Brute to the Croc Trap. By the moment the trap closes, the teeth of the Crok will shatter. And after all this has happened, you need to insert the golden teeth into the broken parts. A door will open behind the moth of the Croc.

Inside this door, you will see the hidden machine. When you fire at the third slot from the left of this machine, which features 4 slot that can be shoot at, you will see that the Ruby appears within. But be careful, the trap may also close on you. The easiest way to prevent this is to step on the tong after firing at the slot and to run outside the door immediately.  The trap will set off and there will be a very short window of opportunity for you to run inside again and to grab the ruby.

Zombie Boss

You are now ready to assemble the Dischord

Since you have all three parts at hand, you need to go to the alien by the Dischord signboard. The only thing that you have to do to find it, is to look right across the prize counter in Arcade. You have to insert the pieces one by one while holding the interaction button. That’s it, that’s all. Now you can use the Dischord as you want and can have fun with the zombies. We hope that we could be of any help to you and made your gameplay experience easier for you in our guide