Cover of Bananatic

Bored with the same, uncreative games, which do always have the same scheme? If it so, you need to find out what are gaming “new arrivals” on American game market. Let’s check Bananatic and let’s play!

Emotions go strong

To be honest, we all have to admit we usually search for intensive emotions during gaming. As a consequence, there are plenty of awesome games which are simply amazing and sometimes really moving. As an example, we ought to have look on For Honor. The main task here is to fight as a knight and win a battle. We have to be ruthless for enemies and caring of allies. It is worth mentioning For Honor contains a lot of very realistic violence – that is why it is an adults only entertainment.

for honor

Trying to calm down?

Our world is changing so fast, that sometimes we need peace and relax – and we really deserve it! A cup of tea could be wonderful “sedative”, but proper computer game can replace it! Youtubers Life is all you need! Plot of this game will take you to more beautiful and friendly world. Luxury yacht, modern flat and great fame – who does not dream about them? InYoutubers Life everything is possible! This extraordinary game helps to forget your troubles and feel carefree – as if you were a famous youtuber.

Youtuber Game

(Not) Blinded by science

If you prefer some strategy games, you will be fascinated with Oxygen not included. This game not only helps us to develop our mental skills and ability to think quickly, but also delights with its graphics.

Oxygen not included

What is more, Oxygen not includedwould be a great choice for people who are nuts on science fiction and space theme. It will undoubtedly take us to the stars!And what if you are in love with strategy games, but at the same time you have always wanted to became a medieval warrior? Then try Pit People. It is created by authors of famous and epicCastle Crashers. Gamers with sense of humour will adore it!
The year 2017 seems to be the year of gamers. No matter what are your preferences – you will surely find something stunning! Do not forget to check news presented above but also to try out other hits you encounter!