Wrong Speliing Starbucks

Let’s face it, that happened to all of us at some point. We all went to a starbucks, got in the line placed our order, and despite giving our name to the barista, who asked our name in order to write it on the cup, we still saw something unrelated when we finally got our coffee.

Although we generally explain this phenomena by showing the cup to our friends, saying “oh check it out, how wrong she wrote my name here” or by thinking that the barista lightly teased us, trolled us, do you really think that those are the real reasons why our names are constantly written incorrectly on Starbucks cups.

According to the theory, we will discuss below; the reality is not as you think.

Wrong Spelling Starbucks

Your name was not written down on that cup as a result of a mistake.

First things first. According to this theory, your name was not incorrectly written down on the cup just as a result of a mere mistake. Barista did not get your name wrong or her intention is not teasing you.

A YouTube channel named Super Deluxe asserted a theory, claiming that;

Starbucks is the largest coffee retail chain in the world. That means the names of millions of people are incorrectly written on the cups. And what do those people do in such a case? Most of those people take a picture of their cups. They sent the pics to their friends via whatsapp and share the pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.

Iced Coffee

But what is the one common element of those pictures? An incorrectly written name with some word play and a green Starbucks logo, looking back at us.

Yes, now you have guessed right. For all those years, you have been advertising for Starbucks by sharing those pics…and for free.

Nobody shares a coffee cup, in which a name is written correctly, on social media.

Of course Starbucks does not officially acknowledge this. As we indicated before, this is just a theory.

But the confessions of a former Starbucks Barista, who was interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine, also points out to the same direction. Lets give you the quote;

“I do not know whether everybody practices this or not but when I asked this to my manager, he confessed that many Starbucks employee was using this as a marketing tool. The thing is not many people share a coffee cup, in which a name is written correctly, on social media. While I use this method just because it is fun, I also know that many Starbucks employee use this method as a tool for marketing.

So if this statement has a grain of truth in it, the incorrectly written names are a part of a marketing strategy, conducted by Starbucks.

In short, we have been making Starbucks advertisements for many years for free without knowing. Very smart Starbucks, very smart indeed.