I couldn’t help myself, what should I do?

Even though you tried to hold it back, you failed and gave in to the charm of a small hamburger. Would you like to know the amount of calories you’ve taken? 280 calories, to be exact. Now what? If you are over with the burning feeling of guilt, you can work in the garden for an hour and 11 minutes. Plant the flowers you like, maybe start growing organic vegetables or fruit. If you like potatoes and think “How many calories can a packet of potato chips have anyway?”, then you’ve just gained 350 calories. But don’t worry. Instead of sitting down, try swimming for an hour to get rid of the calories and your guilty conscience.

Diet Break

How do I make up for it on my diet?

Poultry is usually preferred in diets, but it’s not so low in calories when eaten with sauce. Especially fried chicken wings have over 700 calories. If you’ve eaten chicken with sauce, you may want to walk for three hours and 41 minutes. What about pizza with coke? If you can’t say no to such a perfect duo, you’ve possibly gained 160 calories from a glass of coke and 970 calories from a medium sized pizza. You can burn all these calories by swimming for two hours and 49 minutes and working in the garden for 42 minutes. Some of the calories burn away, at least.


What can I do to burn calories?

If you’d like to lose weight only by doing sports, running is the best exercise. You can plan your running according to the food you have eaten. If you eat one small-size French fries, you need to run for 3.7 miles. If you have drunk a can of coke, you need to run for 1.2 miles, and if you have eaten a kebab roll you need to run for 7.7 miles, and 2.1 miles for a small sized hamburger.

Burn Calories

Drinks, especially alcoholic ones, are high in calories. You shouldn’t forget that. That’s why you need to run 1.1 mile after drinking a bottle of beer and 2.3 miles after eating chocolate. After drinking coffee, which is among the more innocent drinks, a quick run of 400 yards will be enough.