Summer Makeup Tİps

Most of the ladies complain about their make up in summer months. Because the makeup may run off during hot and humid days and that may be a problem for the ladies. In addition, the weather, formed near the seaside or poolside would even be enough to damage the makeup. Sweating in hot weather will also cause problems in this regard. Therefore more importance is given to the makeup, made in summer months.

When a more beautiful look and perpetually refreshed look is the intention especially during the hot summer days, few tips in this regard would make it easy to achieve.

Summer Makeup

Ice Compression

Before applying the makeup, gently apply an ice compression on your face. The ice that you applied thoroughly would render the makeup much more permanent on the points where they were applied. Therefore the ice compression is an important element to keep the make up in the face for a longer period.

Lighter Makeup with High Quality Products

Pay attention to use high quality products when you make your makeup. This will result in higher effectiveness and efficiency from the makeup products. By taking the hot and sultry weather, applying a light makeup will have even better results for you.

Use of BB and BC

Heavy foundation creams in hot summer days will cause problems for your skin. They will wear you and they will not be so permanent after all. Instead of such products, the use of colored moisturizers will be a better step.

Gel Based Products

When you take a look at the makeup products that runny off in the summer, you will see that they are all water based. Instead of using water based makeup products, the use of direct gel based products may give you a nicer looking and much more permanent make up.

Water Proof Products

The summer is the season of hot, sweat, humidity, and wet, therefore it is the summer of water. Since you will contact with water one way or another, the makeup products that you use should be the products that will not run off when coming into contact with water. For example, the products such as the eyeliners, mascaras should be used with “waterproof” option. Therefore your makeup will not be accidently run off.

If you take the tips, given above, into consideration, running off of your make up will be the last thing that you will worry about and you will enjoy the summer and your own beauty.