Home Thieves

1. Don’t provide cover

You can make things a lot harder for thieves if you keep everything in sight from your house. Remove anything that blocks the view from the front door such as trees and bushes. You can install sensor lights that can detect movements. Also, try to make sure that all of the lights in the street are working. Make sure that your house number is clearly visible so that emergency services can track easily.


2. Monitor all targets

Keep the targets in sight. Places like the garage and the garden shed are something that burglars find very useful to get into the house. There are also cases where the burglars have used wheelie bins to break the windows. To be more secure, use a sensor light under your garage shed and good quality locks.

3. Upgrade your defenses

Almost 60% of the victims of theft have stated that their door or window had been damaged. So, the one thing that comes to mind is to have a better-quality door and great windows. Spending a little on them is saving a lot. Having excellent quality locks also help you keep the burglars out. You can also install security screens or peep hole to know what’s going on

Home Securiti

4. All locked up

There are many thieves that tale advantage of an unlocked home. You should always keep your house locked, even if you are heading out for just a little while. Having your house locked can be a relief for you too. You can get special locks for your house, there are locks that have a single master key for each door and window.

You should keep your car locked too. There are cases where the thieves have stolen a car, taken a door opener that was found in the car and then later used it to burgle the house of the owner.

You can ask your electrician to lock your power supply too. There are many burglars that tamper with power supplies and use it to raid the house.

5. Security doesn’t take a holiday

You can use certain methods to make it look like that you are at home, to keep it safe if you’re away. Ask your friends to collect the mail for you, to avoid building up a lot of mail. Ask for a neighbor to park their car in your driveway. You can also organize someone to mow your lawn once in a while.

Personal of Security

6. Don’t advertise valuables

Keep your precious material safe all the time. It isn’t important that everybody knows what you have, you can rip the packaging of an expensive item that you have bought, before you throw it in the bin. Even little things like your iPod or your wallet that can be seen from the outside, can make your house a target. Also keep track of all of your prize possessions. Mark them with UV markers and take pictures of them.