Healhty Skin Tips

The very first connection of your body is established through our skin. Our skin, which has a quite complex and perfect structure is about a millimeter thick and has two sections, comprised of several layers. The sections are dermis and epidermis. The epidermis is also comprised of three sub layers within its own structure and the uppermost layer is made out of dead skins. The middle layer contains cells that give our skin its color. The bottom layer is formed by the cells that are constantly rejuvenated.

Our skin, which is built almost perfectly, is naturally shaped by various internal and external factors. The sunlight that we are exposed to all day, the urban originated effects and impacts damage our skin as external factors while the diseases that he go through, the food that we consume and the level of water intake also have an effect on our skin as the internal factors. What should be we consuming for our skin, which is highly sensitive in terms of the food we consume? What food would serve best to our skin, which is active throughout the day especially during the mid seasons or during the highly cold times?

Consume water


Water is the emphasized as the most important element to be consumed in TV’s, radio, journals and books. We all know that the majority of our body is composed of water. Water helps transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the cells that make up our body. The vital function of the water, which plays a pivotal role in kidneys to purify the body from toxic substances, is undeniable. The water, which also balances the core temperature of our body, also plays a role to keep the blood pressure in check. But what is the importance of the water for our skin? Daily consumed water in sufficient amounts is beneficial for the moisture level of our skin. The experts underline that for a smooth, moist and shining skin, a lot of water should be consumed.


Egg For Skin

One single egg, with its protein content, meets %11 of the overall daily protein requirement of our body and due to its beneficial effect for high density lipoprotein, its consumption is also highly recommended. In addition; due to the Omega 3 in its content, the beneficial fatty acids that cannot be produced by our body can be taken in. Therefore the benefits of the egg for the skin are also undeniable. Egg, consumed in sufficient amounts, prevents the skin dryness. However, too much egg consumption may also lead to allergies and may cause skin rashes.

Olive oil

Olive Oil

The olive oil, which is used in many skin care products today, is one of the first substances coming to mind when the skin care is mentioned. The purely consumed olive oil is a very beneficial product for our skin. The olive oil, which has been used by the Mediterranean people for centuries for skin care, makes our skin shine, and moisturizes and nourishes it. As we can use the virgin olive oil in the food we consume, we can directly use it in the face masks .


Walnut for Skin

As the walnut can be consumed as a dried food variant, the oil, which is extracted from the walnut, can also be used. The walnut, which is said to be beneficial for the brain because of that fact that its shape resembles the brain, is actually a very rewarding food for our body and especially for our mind. But what is the benefit of the walnut, which also strengthens the immune system, for the skin? The walnut and its oil are most beneficial for skin wrinkles when applied to the body. The amino acids and vitamins in its content make the walnut effective for skin rejuvenation. It also prevents the fungal formations. The walnut, whose benefit for combating the eczema and the cutaneous disease is undeniable, is one of the most important food in terms of skin health.


Kephir for Skin

The kephir, which comes from the Caucasians, is a newly known food stuff that has been spreading to the world. The kephir, which strengthens the immune system, is used for allergic diseases, eczema, bronchitis, and asthma and sleeping disorders and when used to the body, it is also beneficial for skin wrinkles, spots and dryness.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits for Skin

The citrus fruits are highly rich in Vitamin A. the citrus fruits, which can eliminate the free radicals that can cause wrinkles in the skin by the antioxidants in their content, can be consumed abundantly in winter months.

In addition to all those food stuff above, all other food in the nature has some kind of benefit to the skin. Consuming a sufficient amount of water in pair with the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables will keep our skin health at all ages.