Bermuda Triangle

In this region of Earth, which looks like a triangle when open up a map, many mysterious and unexplained events have occurred to this day. The exact number of vanished ships, planes and people is still unknown. That is why this patch has been called as the cursed land or as the devils’ triangle for a long time. Such names are still used today.


The Bermuda Triangle covers a 500.000 square mile area and lies at the southeastern shores of USA  that lead to the Atlantic Ocean, which is shaped as a triangle spanning from Miami to Bermuda and Puerto Rico in a bird’s eye view. Within this part of the ocean, hundreds of wreckages of ships and planes lie beneath. The number of the sunken ships, downed planes and vanished people all within the last 100 years is estimated by thousands.

Once it was suggested that there are large deposits of magnetic ores beneath the water, which disrupted the magnetic systems of the planes from this dense magnetic field and that was why the planes vanished from the skies. This theory was believed for so long that for some, there could be no other explanations whatsoever. However, if you think a little bit, then why do all those ships sink? Was that magnetic force strong enough to pull even a large ship down beneath the water? Definitely not. And even if there was a magnetic field effect and the ship was pulled in due to the principle of opposite poles, it would not be possible to generate enough force to pull down a ship from the surface. In addition, the measurements, conducted around the region proved numerous times that there were no extreme or abnormal magnetic field readings.

But what really aroused suspicion here were the extraordinary events that the witnessed reported as “a white column of water was formed in the sea.” After this, the remote controlled submersible rovers showed that the ocean floor was covered with a white blanket and the wreckages of all the ships and planes were discovered. According to the latest theory, which was suggested as the most plausible of them all, this layer is made of the pieces of white hydrate that is formed as the gases from a large scale natural gas deposit from the ocean floor is hardened as the result of the extreme pressure and very low temperatures. At the same time, the Gulf Stream warm water current passes through this region. The hydrate particulates from the ocean floor melt when they encounter with the warm water current and move up to the surface. This causes thousands of square cubes of natural gas mixing with the sea water, which in turn decreases the density of the water significantly. The buoyancy of the water fails to lift any ship, unfortunate enough to pass by, due to the difference in density and the ship sinks. The white layer on the surface of the sea disappears as the melting of the hydrates with the warm water current and the ship completely vanishes from the sights as it has never been there before.

The gasses that are dispersed from the surface of the ocean to the air in the same manner, have less density even than the air in the atmosphere. So the planes due to the very same reason, the difference in density, cannot generate enough lift therefore lose altitude. And the engines of the planes fail to get enough oxygen from the air and flame out due to the fact that the molecules of the natural gas in the air bond with and hold the oxygen in the air.

Flight 19

The most famous case of disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was the “Flight 19” But at around the same period, a high number of planes also vanished as well. They were the navy bombers from the WWII. 5 Grumman TBM Avengers took off from the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale at 14.00 on 5th of December 1945 and the pilots reported that all flight conditions were ok.

However, the planes suddenly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. A Flying Boat was then dispatched for a search and rescue mission for Flight 19 and as the boat reached to the estimated position of the Avengers, the its radar signal suddenly disappeared as well. One of the largest S&R mission was initiated after 6 planes vanished at the same day all within few hours but not even a single piece was found.

Mystery of Bermuda

The secret of the Bermuda Triangle seems to be cracked but not everything is completely clear yet. In my opinion, all the secrets of the region, known as the Bermuda Devil’s Triangle” will be discovered as the result of the ongoing studies and research.