Based on the extensive and comprehensive research, conducted by the experts suggest that stress inflicts damage on the body. While the symptoms became more apparent over time, the recovery time can also be lengthy.  Therefore, the experts underline that the stress does not only cause mental determinants but also has negative physical effects as well.

1. It inhibits hair growth

The stress hormones have inhibitive characteristics in terms of hair growth. In addition, a constant state of stress increases the formation of dandruff. If you are under constant stress and smoke at the same time, then it may be impossible to get rid of dandruff. The stress is also highlighted as one of the root causes for hair loss. You need to take good care of your hair to prevent such problems. There are few basic steps to increase the keratin content in your hair. You need to arrange a nutrition program, comprised of Omega – 3 and Amino Acids.Volume Hair

2. Neck and Back pain

When you are under stress, you may feel some pain in your neck and back area. This is purely an effect of the stress and this may also lead to head cahes over time. When you get angry, your body secretes hormones that increase the tension and pain and this makes you feel more exhausted than usual.

Neck pain

3. Stomach Pain and Intestinal Disorders

Stress may lead to some intestinal problems, the stomach pain being first. The irritable intestine syndrome is caused by the stress. This very uncomfortable problem causes cramps, stomach pain and swallowing. Today, this problem is suffered by one person out of five. And the main cause of this problem is the long term stressful periods.

Stress  Stomach Pain

4. Depression

It is well known that the stress hormones kill the nerve cells. This also causes the proliferation of problems like depression in a much frequent manner. As the serotonin levels decrease, the depression turns in to an even more depressive state.


6. Lung problems

It is well established that the stress is the starting point for many disorders. Those who suffer especially from lung diseases have this due to stress. Stress is known as one of the most important asthma triggers. Also since it has an effect on the entire immune system, the stress also causes diseases in upper respiratory system. Difficulty of breathing that may be caused by stress and anxiety are listed amongst the health problems that such patients experience.

Stress Lung Problems