The game that we know as the Grand Theft Auto or the GTA, was first released in 1997 and was received with positive reactions. What made the game this much popular is the player’s ability to jack the car or to steal the money of the in-game characters by force. The game was released in MS-DOS, Windows and Playstation platforms. If you complete the missions that you are given successfully, you can replay the game with a higher level. The first game of the franchise was designed as a 2D game.

GTA 1 released in 1997.

The game could completely be played from a top-down perspective and your main mission is to go to the other level by racking up a certain amount of money. For this, a tank was placed in a place on the map. This was the first game, which was designed to allow the player to find that tank and to smash and destroy whatever comes in his / her way.

The second game of the series, the GTA 2 was not that different from the first game either. There were graphical improvements but the game was designed as a 2D top-down title. In 1999, the second game, GTA2 had already reached to a considerable sales amount. In addition, two more games had been released before the launch of GTA2.

GTA 2 released in 1999.

They were GTA: London 1969, GTA: London 1961. The sales, reached for the Playstation platform was satisfying for the developer of the game, Rockstar Games. When the game, first released in 1997, as acclaimed, the developer gave the green light for the work on the GTA3 and within 3 years, transition from 2D to 3D was completed.

Grand Thief 3 Story
GTA3 Liberty City

Rockstar and Capcom named the third entry of the series GTA 3 and the game was also known as the Liberty City. The city of New York was modeled in the game and players were tasked with series of missions as well. It was planned to expand the map as the missions were being completed.

GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City

Rockstar and Capcom released the Vice City not long after releasing the Liberty city. Vice City tripled the amount of sales that the Liberty City racked up in a short period and the game itself was critically acclaimed by the players. Vice City was modeled after Miami and once again, the players were tasked with missions to follow and complete. The very same system in the Liberty City was implemented.

GTA San Andreas

Through the end of 2005, GTA San Andreas was released. This time, the graphics was overhauled and the players were presented with several new features that were not available in the previous entries of the franchise. GTA San Andreas was modeled after the states of California and Nevada. The players were once again tasked with completing several missions. By this means, it was aimed to access the complete map.

GTA 4 Liberty City

The developer company, which received very good sales numbers from this game, released GTA IV. This entry of the franchise was dramatically improved compared to the previous games.

GTA V Released in 2015

The game had realistic graphics and was set in New York State. In 2015, the GTA 5 was released. The newest and most advanced game of the series is modeled after Los Angeles.

Evolution of Grand Theft Auto