Clutch King

The term “Clutch” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive indicates a win by the last man standing on your team against multiple opponents such as 1v5.

The 3 most important things

  1. Calm down: If you can’t keep your cool, you die. Do not put extra pressure on yourself. The calmer you are, the better you will be.
  2. Think like your enemy: how good you know your enemy may determine how easily you will (or will not) survive. When you think like them, guessing where they will head to and what they will do next, you can take actions or measures long before them.
  3. Know where you enemies will be: situational awareness in regards to your surroundings is a wonderful skill. For example, if you play as a Terrorist in Nuke Map, you can guess where the team CT may head to, with a level of certainty, in the upcoming rounds. Such information will come extremely handy when you find yourself as the last man standing.

Sticker Hell


Be invisible

Walk in silence; definitely equip the suppressor if you have a weapon with such feature.

Be on the move at all times

The worst thing that you may do in your clutch situation will be remaining stationary at a certain point. The enemy team, who spotted your location, may kill you with an organized strike. Always be on the move on the condition to be silent.

Consider where the enemy will go

When you kill somebody, the enemy squad will probably advance to that point. Consider this and be alert.

magazine rifle

Engage with one enemy at once

Don’t try to be a hero. Engaging with multiple enemies simultaneously is a hard thing to do. Sneak on the member that is separated from the squad and try to take him down.

Check out the clock

In CS:GO, the time may run in favor of you as it may also run against you. If you play with Counter Terrorist faction, it is good that the time is running out but if you are a terrorist, you need to set the bomb or finish off the enemy team entirely before the time runs out. Use the time effectively.

Granade CS Go

Command the rotation

A clutch master knows when the enemy team will hunt him and ambush those who come to hunt him and take them down one enemy at a time.

Perform the unexpected

It is important that you make an unpredictable move. For this, analyze the situation well. If you are expected to set the bomb up, do not. If you are expected to strike, set the bomb up. Nevertheless, do not engage with multiple enemies at once.

CS-Go-Bomb c4



After implanting the bomb, hide and wait for a CT player to try to defuse the bomb. One second before the bomb is defused, attack on the enemy and finish him off. Even if you die at this point, the bomb will probably go off and you will win the round.

Counter Terrorist

Make a fake bomb defusal. For this, initiate the defusal then immediately take a look around. A good terrorist may not fall for this trick but the inexperienced players will jump off from their hiding positions immediately.

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