Niche Design

Niche is a style of wall decoration that is created through wall mounted profiles and drywall boards that can be enclosed onto the profiles. The board panels enable you to use the pockets outside the enclosed area as you wish in a decorative way. If you support the niche wall designs with floodlights, you will create an even more aesthetic decoration style.

The niche decoration styles that have been growing in population in recent years, also enables the rooms to be used in a more space saving manner as well. The inner walls, which you can paint with any color you want, will give you the flexibility, where you can also use mosaic designs. You can also use such areas, which you can decorate as you see fit, as TV stands as well. This type of use will also save you from the crown, caused by excess amount of furniture. Niches that you can utilize bookshelves, shelves, fireplace or displays will add a roomy and modern ambience to your home decoration theme.

Niche Design

Advantages of niche and method of application

When you utilize the niche decoration styles, you get additional areas that you can use as shelves, fireplace or displays. Saving the space will also prove to be highly advantageous for those, who have small spaces but want to make the decoration of their dream come true. The ability to use the spaces within the wall as you please also sets you free when applying your decoration style. Thanks to the niches that you can display your accessories, small items or books, you can successfully express your taste.

If you want to apply niche decoration, first you have to compile a plan for building the niche and make some drawings on a paper. After the drawing and planning phases, you can make drawings on the wall with a non-permanent marker. You can put this plan of yours, which you had finalized, into action. Galvanized profiles should be used to make a niche. The galvanized material, which is durable, flexible and easy to apply, is suitable for the profiles. In order for the assembly, a connection between the niche dimensions and the profiles might be required as the profiles may also be cut according to the dimensions. You may need some professional help to get such work done. The niche decoration is not a style that you may accomplish just by yourself.

Home Niches

After the indicated procedures, a drill may be required for the assembly of the pre-cut profiles. After fitting the pegs with the proper size, the profiles are fixed on the wall. The drywall panels appear during the second phase. The panels that were cut according to the dimensions are fixed to the profiles via special screws. If you want to use lighting in the niches, you can try installing the necessary components during the assembly.

In what areas is the niche used?

The niches are most commonly used in living rooms. The niches that can be used as shelves, bookshelves, TV tables and displays, grant a sense of aesthetics to the living rooms. If you want to have a roomy living room, you can apply white colored niches.

The use of niche in bedrooms is also quite common. You can place wallpapers and lighting fixtures to the internal section of the niches that are used for decoration purposes. By strengthening a niche that you use with wallpapers in its inner section with a paint, you can get a wonderful wall decoration.

TV Niche

The niche decoration, by which you can save space in every corner of your home, is a style that can also be employed for the bathrooms. By installing a shelf inside a niche that can be opened on a wall, you can use it as a closet. Furthermore, you can also utilize niches in order to obtain color balance. When you apply a niche decoration to your bathroom, you can make all your items and your bathroom as a whole, look in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

The things that are most needed in the kitchens re the kitchen cabinets and shelves. If you also want to find and create such a space to store your items in the kitchen, you can get extra storage space thanks to the niche wall decorations. The kitchen niche decorations that will give you very interesting and elegant decoration shelves will also provide you lively, positive and energetic means of use.