Addiction of Internet

How is internet addiction detected?

Internet addiction or technology addiction is a term used for situations in which the computer begins to damage the person, his environment and relationships. While there is no official definition, experts argue that compare computer addiction resembles drug addiction. In long-term computer users, a situation similar to drug addicts occurs. When computer addicts cannot use the internet for a long time, they can exhibit the feeling of tension, nervousness, hesitation, and not knowing what to do called “deprivation”.
addiction of internetWhen they cannot use the internet, they feel emotional deprivation
They always want to be online or use computer for a longer time, and as long as they cannot use the internet, their minds are always on the internet. They usually deny that they are busy with computers for too long time.

What are the reasons of internet addiction?

Internet ManiaMany people spend too much time on the internet because they want to forget their daily life troubles, to decrease their loneliness or to suppress their anxiety and depressed feelings. When they start browsing the Internet, their attention is drawn to another area, and distressing thoughts are reduced and a relief is felt. However, after a while the other activities used to relax are forgotten. In addition, the internet begins to be used morein order to avoid confronting problems.

Who are at more risk?

Some people are at more risk regarding internet addiction. Browsing on the internet makes people addictive if they have problems like anxiety. People with depressive complaints can easily become addicted to the internet. Problems like depression, social isolation and loneliness are delayed and this will increase the severity of the situation. Internet addiction can also easily occur in people who have problems like drug, alcohol, gambling and sexuality.

What are the symptoms of internet addiction?

• Spending time on the internet more than necessary.
• Not accepting to spend too much time on theinternet despite complaints of your relatives.
• Spending more time on online conversations compared to real ones.
• Always using mobile phone with an aim to fight against loneliness.
Occurrence of sleep disorders, sexual problems, eye dryness, weight gain and outbreak of hand, wrist, neck and back pains.

What are the ways to get rid of internet addiction?

• The reason that leads the person to the internet should be identified.
• As a reward after certain duties are completed, a limited period of time can be spent on the computer.
• Every evening at the same hour the computer or mobile phone should be left aside.
• Instead of spending time on the internet to avoid loneliness or depression, other activities such as reading books should be preferred.
• Since communication with the computer will always be lacking in emotion, activities should be carried out with friends and family members.
• It should be considered that it is much more worthwhile to have a half hour walk with a friend in the park, to have a coffee and to have conversation with the husband/wife.
• It should be ensured that the computer is in common areas such as the living room.
• A 10-minute pause must be made after the use of computer for one hour.
• You should think that there are other activities to enjoy before you start using your computer or phone for such a long time.
• It should not be forgotten that the time is precious and how fast it passes.
• Since psychiatric disorders may cause this kind of addiction, help from a psychiatrist should be received for this kind of diseases.