Giant Black Hole

Not every star is destined to be a blackhole. Only 1/1000 of the stars have enough mass to become one. And ın reality, the blackholes are not the legendary cosmic vacuum cleaners of the science fiction. They do not simply suck in the planets. You need to go next to one. And if you do that, this may also be very last thing that you will ever see…

Star Life

How are the blackholes formed?

The giant stars with huge mass cannot preserve their own heat in a way to counter their own force of gravity when they deplete their nuclear fuel. The largest starts fade away into the darkness, to the extent that only their own gravity remains. The star itself is shrunk and becomes dark, even darker than the darkness of the space itself.

Where is the closest blackhole?

When the centers of dozens of galaxies were studied, what was constantly found out was a super massive blackhole and our galaxy is no exception. The closest stars to the center of our galaxy travel at the speeds exceeding 40 million kmh. so what was the force that make them travel so fast? The only logical explanation is that there is something with 4 million solar masses right at the center of our galaxy. But where is the blinding light of 4 million suns? Since we cannot observe such phenomena, this means that should be trapped within a blackhole. The world is safe because it is sufficiently far.  However, the other planets may not be that lucky.

Mikjway Galaxy Blackhole

What is there in a blackhole?

Now we are discussing something that is not discovered by the science. There may also be undiscovered rules of physics at the center of a blackhole. If you managed to get out of a blackhole alive, you may appear at a different time or even at a different universe, one that is not ours. That also means that you have just violated the very first principle of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The principle stipulates that you don’t travel faster than light. Nothing can travel faster than light in the space but the space does not mean emptiness. The space may be bent, curved, deformed. In case of such an event, the time itself is deformed. Einstein discovered that the space and time are two aspects of the same thing; the Space – Time.

And the fabric of the space time can be deformed to take you anywhere at any speed. That is way the blackholes can be the gateways of our universe. By the means of such intergalactic metro system, you can travel to the farthest reaches of the space – time. Or you may even end up at more amazing places.

The Real Black Hole

We may find ourselves in a totally new universe. But, how can that universe fit into a blackhole, which is just a tiny part of our own universe. A blackhole, with its unimaginable gravitational force, can bend the space of a whole universe.

The gravity of our earth may seem powerful to us. However, it is very weak compared to the gravity inside an imploded star. As we know, when a giant star burns out and becomes a blackhole, its extreme density and pressure in its center creates an effect much like the big bang that gave birth to our universe. A universe inside a blackhole may create its own blackholes and new universes may be travelled in this sense. Maybe our own universe was created in this way…