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The ways of increasing the testosterone levels in the body are not state secrets. In this article, we will try to present you the ways to increase the testosterone levels in the body in natural and of course safe ways.

The power of the testosterone hormone is virtually legendary and this is not a surprise either. In such a way that the testosterone increases the muscle mass of the body as it helps the fat burning process as well. In addition; this hormone has positive effect on the mood (motivation), sleeping routine, libido, body energy, general health and the quality of life.


Unfortunately, many men experience declines in their testosterone levels when they hit their 30’s. Decrease in testosterone levels is one of the factors that increase the risk of having diseases such as heart diseases, Type II diabetes, obesity etc. Decline in testosterone levels may also lead to low mineral density, sexual function disorders, decreases in muscle mass and decline in physical performance.

Do not think that women are not immune to the decline in testosterone levels. Like men, women also experience decrease in their testosterone levels starting from their 20’s.


Such a decrease in testosterone levels negatively affect the testosterone and estrogen balance in the body, which in turn leads to lipoidosis, decreased metabolic activity, decrease in energy decrease in bone – mineral density and makes it ven harder to add muscle mass into the body.

  1. Consume Fat, Increase your Testosterone Level

The fat, which is frequently considered as a body devastator is actually one of the most crucial players in decreasing the testosterone in a natural manner. After various scientific studies that lasted for many years, it is now accepted that consuming fat is a safe and reliable way to increase the testosterone levels.

A study, published in the globally renowned health journal, the “Journal of Applied Physiology” reported that the diet programs that contain high levels of “Monounsaturated” and “Saturated” fat tend to increase the testosterone levels.


The foods that contain high quality “mono-unsaturated” fat are; olive oil, avocado almond, peanut butter.

The foods that contain high quality “saturated” oil are; red meat, coconut oil, egg yolk, bitter chocolate and cheese.

  1. Don’t run off from the cholesterol, don’t be afraid of it

The testosterone hormone is derived from cholesterol. Therefore, significant lack of cholesterol in your diet would unsurprisingly result in short circuit in testosterone hormone, which acts as a muscle builder. The researches, conducted for years suggest that there is a strong correlation between the HDL cholesterol levels and the free testosterone levels.

Saturated oil comes on the top of the list of the goods that contain most cholesterol. In addition, seafood including calamari, shrimp and lobster are also rich in cholesterol.

  1. The use of testosterone increasing products


Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in the testosterone production. In an experiment, conducted on a aged male (age not stated) in Wayne State University in Indiana, USA, it was reported that the testosterone level jumped from 8,3 nmol / l to 16,0 nmol/l after a 6-month zinc treatment. Don’t you think that a %93 increase just within 6 months is just perfect?

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

The scientific studies showed that the D-Aspartic Acid intake increases the testosterone level of the body. In an experiment, a 23 year old female was given 3.120 mg / day DAA for 12 days. At the end of just 12 days, a %42 increase was recorded in his testosterone level.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, without a doubt is the most important vitamin for the production of testosterone. As it is widely known, the easiest way to get Vitamin D is sunlight.


Tribulus Terrestris is a product, preferred by the athletes. This product, extracted from a plant called Tribulus Terrestris help elevating the testosterone levels and incresing the sexual performance. Clink here in order to take a closer look at the Tribulus, which is widely used by the athletes.

  1. Give extra care to your work out’s

In the process of increasing your testosterone level, the work out that you do is as important as the diet that you follow. Various scientific studies, conducted until this day, it was proven that intense and heavy work out’s help increasing the testosterone levels. (You need to choose the weight classes, in which you will feel your muscles are exhausted at rep 10 and will be strained at rep 11.) In addition to choose the right weight, it is also highly crucial to choose the right exercise and right machines to maximize the testosterone increase.

  1. Long workouts are not better!

You may think that by doing longer exercises and by working more, you will add more muscle mass. And that would be very wrong. In order to reach to the perfect level in the increase of testosterone, you need to adjust the duration of your work out perfectly. If you carry out long work out sessions for a long time, decrease in testosterone levels is inevitable.

Training more than an hour constantly inhibits the cortisol levels in the body and subsequent leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. In addition; a study suggests that keeping the resting periods between reps increases the testosterone levels as well. (In the aforementioned study, the athlete with inter-rep resting period of 1 minute and another athlete with inter-rep resting period of 3 minutes were compared. It was witnessed that the testosterone responses of the athlete with 1 minute rest period was higher.) As the result, in order to achieve maximum testosterone increase, we suggest you to pay attention not to keep your daily work out more than an hour and to keep the resting period between the sets short.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

The lack of quality sleep for your body may result in a dramatic decrease in the testosterone levels. Therefore, when your testosterone levels decline, you will also lose your muscle mass. Experts recommend 7-9 hours of night sleep for perfect testosterone responses.