CS:GO FPS boost

What’s up gamers, in this article, we will discuss 5 important details that you need to undertake to increase the FPS count in CS:GO. After implementing this list that includes what you need to do both within the game outside the game, you will get a solid 50-60 FPS more.

Now let’s begin in order;

General Settings

  • Keep your computer case / laptop clean. Perform maintenance with thermal paste. This will improve your computer’s performance.
  • If you use a desktop computer, make sure that the air circulation into and out of your case is uninterrupted. Otherwise, heat builds up and the performance drops down. (also it may be beneficial to tidy up the in-case cabling. If they are too messy and are in touch with each other, overheating may occur.)
  • Shut down the antivirus software during the gaming season. Since an antivirus software use up too much of your processor power, it leads to the loss of performance. The same thing also goes for the Windows Defender.
  • Shut down the start – up programs. If you use Win7, you can do this over Start>Run, then type msconfix.exe and if you use Wİn 8 or Win10, over the ask Manager.
  • If you use an i7 processor, go to BIOS and activate the Hyperthreading. (I use i3 but those who use an i7 would give this a shot. While this trick has a positive effect on the newer games, it also effects the older titles adversely.)

Steam Related Settings

  • We shut down the notifications that appear when your friends log into Steam or to this game.
  • We shut down the notifications that appear when your friends send a message.
  • We shut down the gizmos in the interface.

You can do all of this from the Setting Window in the Steam control panel. If any one of you do not know how to do this, we click on the upper left side on the steam window. From here; Steam>Settings>Interface to shut down all applications that may decrease the performance.

Settings regarding the NVIDIA Video Card

  • We uninstall the card driver and then reinstall it. When re-installing, you only install the Graphics Driver and the PhysX.
  • Go to NVIDIA Control Panel, open the 3D Settings. In here, go to “Use my preference” to floor the Performance.
  • Then go to Managing the 3D Settings Choose CS:GO here and change the settings to have more performance.
  • Shut down the shadow play if it is active. (You can do it via Geforce Experience.)

Settings regarding the WINDOWS

  • Make sure that your Windows and its drivers are updated.
  • If you play with a laptop, you need to switch the battery settings to “High Performance”
  • We adjust the settings for “High Performance”
  • We clean the TEMP folder. (erase the content once a month)
  • In the Start Menu, type “%temp%” n the search section. A folder named Temp will appear clean whatever in this folder. Though some of the contents may not be deleted but do not mind it.
  • Erase all the files, shortcuts etc. on the desktop.
  • Remove the background image on the desktop. (when the black screen is compared with a desktop, featuring a 1920*1080 pixel image, a difference in performance with 3-4 fps exists.)


Settings regarding the Startup Options

  • Add the below given commands to the start-up options;

Threads 4

This is used to spread the workload to all cores this trick generally results in positive effect in many cases. Therefore, try this depending on the FPS you get as threads4, threads 3 etc by taking the number of your processor cores into account.


This a parameter that directly affects the processor. With this command, you kind of telling your processor to leave whatever stuff its been dealing with, you are going to war now. Then the processor gives the priority to you, meaning to CS:GO. All background applications and services are assigned to second priority. However, sometimes the processor ignores the programs that may cause a lot of workload. If you have a low powered processor, do not use this command. If you get a blue screen of death, if the game suddenly crushes when playing it or if the windows crushes, know that your processor is not that capable to handle this command.


This command initiates the game in full screen mode. But what is the benefit in that? In all games, windowed display mode causes the loss of FPS.


By removing the joystick support, this command positively effects your performance.

-tickrate 128

This command increases the tickrate of the partition of the server that is specifically assigned to you to 128. The tickrate of the competitive game servers are 64 by default.