AK47 Cover

AK-47 is the most preferred weapon of the game. It’s hard to use, it’s noisy, but it’s dead with a single bullet. Famous players can use it by spraying. There is striking power without distinction. It is very serial therefore effective in multiple fighting!

Its skins are expensive because it is the most used weapon. Top selling skin on the market are AK-47 skins. Here are the most expensive skins:

1. Fire Serpent – StatTrak Factory New ($4.350)

This weapon is out of the “Operation Bravo” box. Very rare in the game. The Factory New is not available for sale on the market. Because they are kept by their owners.

Fire Serpent

2. The Empress- StatTrak Factory New ($703)

The new AK47 skin was really interested in the game. It was preferred by professional players. This skin came with CHINA update to the game. Empress designs are harmonious even if they are a bit confused.

Ak47 New Skin

3. Fuel Injector- StatTrak Factory New ($453)

The wonderful blend of yellow and black color.  It participated in the game with the Wildfire operation.  It says “Live your life a quarter mag at a time!”

AK47 Fuel Injector Skin

4. Bloodsport – StatTrak Factory New ($372)

It is one of the newly added skin to the game. Colorful and detailed shape is attractive. This skin is liked by the players. It comes from the last added “Spectrum Case“.

Bloodsport ak47

5. Vulcan – StatTrak Factory New ($349)

It is made with noble colors such as blue, black and white. The harmony and the fluency of the patterns are great. It’s been in classics a AK-47 skin for long time. It comes from “Huntsman Weapon Case“.

Vulcan ak47

6. Neon Revolution – StatTrak Factory New ($310)

It represents a rebellion. The paint that flows over it makes it interesting. It is a weapon design which is very popular especially by girl Cs:Go players. It comes from “Gamma 2 Case“.

Ak47 Neon

7. Case Hardened – StatTrak Factory New ($273)

It is formed by the color change of metal in high temperatures. The color of the light changes according to the direction of arrival. Each hardened skin is completely different. Because color transitions are completely different. This makes them special. It comes from “CS:GO Weapon Case“.

Ak 47 Case Hardened

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