What is important here is to tell the person who will start working out is that it is a more correct decision to workout throughout a lifetime, not just for a certain period.

Set targets for yourself

According to the situation of the individual, the intensity, duration and frequency of the workout should be properly planned. Cardio-type workouts are recommended for individuals whose fat rate is above normal levels. Thanks to cardio workouts, many different muscle groups become active at the same time and blood circulation rate is balanced. Do not just aim to lose weight, if you also want to have a shaped body, using certain equipment is also beneficial.


Have a good workout plan

It is necessary to make a good workout plan in order to achieve the targets. Things to be considered:

Type of the workout:

Depending on the target, cardio or resistance type workouts can be preferred. The types of physical activity carried out by rhythmic contractions and relaxations of large muscle groups constitute aerobic workouts. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and rowing are these types of activities. Resistance workouts lead to increases in muscular mass, strength and endurance.

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Intensity of the workout:

One of the most important issues in workout planning is to determine the intensity. It is important that the workout intensity should remain within a certain range. If the workout intensity is low, it causes inadequate cardiovascular system load. Likewise, if the workout intensity is too high, this is also an undesirable situation.

– Does the person have orthopedic and metabolic problems?

– Does the person have any previous illness or surgery?

– Does the person have a diagnosed metabolic disease?

Such questions need to be answered. It is necessary to go through these questions while adjusting the intensity of the workout.

Frequency of the workout:

If the person is working in intensive tempo, workoutplan should be organized in a way not to exceed maximum 1 hour a day.

Duration of the workout:

Although there are different opinions, it is generally recommended that the workout lasts at least 20 minutes. It is important to note that warm-up and cool-down exercises are not included in this duration.

Support your workout plan with a well-balanced diet and sleep

Morning FitnessFor a healthy and active life, the importance of consuming healthy foods should be well understood when it comes to working out. Although a person works out regularly and burns calories, if he does not consume health foods, all his efforts may be wasted. In addition to a good-balanced diet, regular sleep routine is also very important. Muscles that get tired after the workout should be rested and resistance should be gained for the next exercise. Managing stress also stands out at this point. It is necessary to minimize the effects as much as possible by managing the anxiety which may cause adverse effects in our body.

Water consumption during cold weather is often neglected. However, sweating causes loss of fluid in the body. Before and after the workout, plenty of liquid must be taken to prevent water loss. 1 liter of water per 30 kilograms should be consumed per day. It is quite useful to consume 1/1,5 liters more during the workout days.