Home Decoration Tİps

Houses can look more elegant and stunning with a couple of tiny but practical touches. Paying attention to home decoration may render your home stylish and comfortable. And for this, there are few tips and tricks;

Color Selection

The favorite colors of 2017 include pastel colors, pink, blue, green, light beige and very bright red. In addition to those colors, assuming that you want to reflect your own style as well, you can add your own favorite colors to this range.

Home Colors

Make measurements

Penning some drawings about your rooms before starting a decoration fork for your home would make your job a lot easier. Deciding on what to place and where to place and make brief drawings in this regard would surely save you some time. For this, you especially need to take the situation of the room into account. Size of the room, (being large or small) will come as an important aspect before starting the decoration works. Also the furniture that you will choose should not be too big, too small or too vulgar for your room. That is why you need to choose your furniture by taking the size of your room into account.

Home measurements

Get rid of the crowd

Being liberal about the amount of the items, used in small rooms may render the space even more packed. However, this also applies to large rooms. You need to get rid of the crowd, generated by the number of objects in your room and thus you have to create a fresh space. As the result, you will have a larger space and a roomy look.

Plain Home Decor

Put on some action with the accessories

The accessories that you use without being excessive will enliven the surroundings and will provide an elegant look for your home. Instead of suffocating and frequently used wall accessories, you may use a few wall accessories with vivid colors. Especially in these days, in which we know that the shades of blue and pink are on high demand, you can fire up your room with those colors.

Purple and Black Decor

The harmony of the carpets and the curtains

You should not use very contract colors in your rooms. For example, using the contrast colored carpets and curtains together is one of the details that disrupt the classiness of your room. Your carpets and curtains should be the same color. If you choose their colors from pastel colors, you need to try to enliven the room choosing vivid colors that comply with the other accessories. The home decoration should be undertaken without falling into a color chaos.

Carpets and Curtains