Mercedes Diesel Engine Tech

The retail prices of the diesel engine cars are higher than the cars with gasoline powered vehicles. However, the cars with diesel engines are more popular because they are more economic. However, the use and maintenance of the diesel cars are more difficult compared to gasoline powered cars. So much that little mistakes regarding the diesel engines, often committed due to the lack of information or knowledge may lead to significant damages. That is why, being informed about the use and maintenance of the diesel engines is important.


If you wish to you use your car for a long time in a perfect condition, you need to pay attention to several things.

First of all, we need to underline that the diesel powered cars are economic in long distance travel, which means you won’t be making any economy if you don’t make 20-30 thousand kilometers per year. For the drivers, who use their cars mainly for short distance drives, the gasoline powered cars will be more suitable and convenient.

Things to take into account when driving a diesel vehicle;

Before starting the engine, only half turn on the ignition and wait for the warning indicators to put off. Since the engine can be cold for the initial start, you may force the engine.

Do not jump start the engine. That is one of the biggest mistakes, made about the diesel engines. In the new generation of diesel engines, no oil pressure is formed if the engine is on. Therefore when you jump start your car, excessive load is applied to the diesel pump and this may lead to serious damage. Also, the instruction manual of your vehicle says “Do Not Pop Start Your Car.


Take your car to the car care service regularly. Periodical maintenance services prove to be more important for diesel powered cars. Because as you know, the diesel fuel is comprised of more particles compared to gasoline. Such particles are accumulated in diesel fuel filter and this causes declines in car’s performance.

If you drive a diesel turbo vehicle, there are some additional points that you need to know;

First of all, the turbo diesel engine vehicles should not be heated by injecting gas. It is sufficient to run the engine in idle for 30 seconds to heat it up. Another important point is that the engine should not be run in high revs when it is cold. Because going up to high revs when the engine is cold causes the formation of high pressure, which may in turn damage the turbo turbines. Therefore, not exceeding 2500 revs when the engine is cold is advised.

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Halting the turbo vehicles is as important as starting them. Just like the engine should be preheated without stepping on the gas pedal, the engine should also be run at least 30 seconds before stopping it. The reason is that the lubrication of the shaft that connects the turbo turbines together when the engine is on. When you turn off the ignition, the engine stops and the lubrication also stops. However the turbo continues to revolve for some time. This may lead to significant damages in Turbo. That is why the engine must be run in idle for a moment before fully stopped in order to wait for the turbines to decrease to their normal rev.

If you want to use your turbo diesel vehicle as economic as reliable, you need to pay attention to “Maximum Torque State” that means you should not exceed the rev range that produces maximum torque for diesel vehicles. In any case the maximum power in turbo diesel vehicles is produced between 1750 – 3750 revs. Any more than this is as unnecessary as harmful. You can understand whether you exceed the rev range or not from the traction of your car when you are moving.

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The second important thing is that you do not decrease the rev of your vehicle down to idle speed (1000 revs) during take offs. The diesel pump may be damages in such cases. In the same manner, if you are cruising in idle speeds, do not floor the gas pedal, the turbo may be damages since it will be subjected to high pressure.