Grand Thief 3 Story

Claude is our main character in the game. He plans a bank heist with his girlfriend, Catalina, with whom he has been together since 1992. The heist is carried out successfully and the money is taken from the bank. However, Catalina doesn’t want to share the money with Claude and betrays him by shooting him in front of the bank. Claude, who could not forget her betrayal wants to exact his revenge from Catalina. He serves to various criminal organizations across the Liberty City occasionally as a hitman and makes to make money. His aim is to find his girlfriend Catalina  and make her pay for what she had done. In time, he undertakes great heists and performs assassinations. His name becomes prominent in the city. The game is set around this plot.

GTA 3 BoxCatalina, the lover of Claude claims the money that they stole from the bank on her own and lets Claude caught by the cops. Catalina is a self absorbed women, who wants everything just for her. She has no mercy for anybody, she can waste anybody who interferes with her. She is of Mexican descent and with her new boyfriend, Miguel, they rule the Colombian Cartel.

Claude is also seen in San Andreas as well. He competed with Carl Johnson, the main character of San Andreas and the former boyfriend of Catalina but lost. All those event resulted in the breakup of Catalina  from Johnson and the couple moved to Liberty City.

The life of Claude after exacting his revenge as well as his future is unknown. While many people predict that Claude is dead, this is wrong. Today, Claude is still alive and probably he lives in Liberty City. The most thrilling theories suggest that he returned back to San Fierro, his hometown.