New Dust 2 Map

The Homeland Dust2, which was removed from the active map roster 8 months ago right after the E-League Major Tournament to be revamped, now comes back. We compiled the comments and map review regarding the Dust2 Map, which was remastered by an update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Dust2, which is known as the most played map in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is currently being tested in its BETA update. Valve, which brought up various novelties compared to the old map, wished to accomplish this not by a flashy manner. However on a map, where even the slightest of details are big deals, fine tuning will mean that the whole map has changed.


Valve, which seemed to undertake this task pretty successfully, gets positive feedback from the players, who have been testing the map. Naturally, there will be corrections and changes due to the map being a BETA but it has already won some appreciation from the players even at its current state.

The new Dust2 map offers 4x better texture quality compared to the older version and Valve seem to enhance the map to have a more realistic look without compromising from the fun part at all. The thing is making the players experience fun gets harder when the elevated level of realism is involved in games.

David Johnson, who developed the first Dust and the Dust2 maps stated that “I think people were expecting some changes in layout as was done in original Dust and Cobble maps.” He added that “I am anxiously waiting to play on a Dust map, which I did not construct” indicating that he liked the new map.

Patric Murphy, who designed CS:GO Level Agency and who is currently employed by DICE, does not completely agree with Mr. Johnson. Murphy, who says “They may be trying to alter the level“, expressed that the old map has a special place by saying that “Perhaps some things should remain as they are. This is a cultural heritage thing.”

A YouTube channel called 3kliksphilip shot a video about the new map and showed all new content added to the game in a detailed manner. Especially the poles, added to some areas seem to be the new tactical focal points for some player about tossing grenades.

B Area Dust 2

Changes in Area B

The dark spots in the tunnels are reduced now. The tunnels are illuminated by the natural light through a torn tent cover. The wrecked car in bomb area in Area B was moved a bit to create more clear space to freely move around it. The cracking on the wall, the Window, was enlarged. Viewpoint was increased. In addition, the scaffold and the electric poles that hinder your sight were redesigned.  Therefore, in game details that may distract the players were removed.

ASide Dust 2

Changes in Area A

By making some editing on and around the wrecked car at Bomb Area A (Long), the jamming and incapacitation of the players were overcome. This means you will not be doomed to be burned by Molotov there. Also, frustrating physics based predictable details such as the dump site, weeds and rocks were altered. To make the players more visible, the dark colored gates on the back wall were removed. Barrels were straightened. In addition, the water pipes and the lamps on the edges of the walls that were distracting and were hindering the sight were removed as well.

Mid Area Dust 2

Changes in Mid Area

Dark corners and the sub tunnel lighting on the Mid Area of the map were redesigned. The entry area of the dark gate was corrected. The gate was removed. Areas that were harder to pass through are now easier to do so. That means the fights will be easier.

Purpose of the Map Update

  1. Making the players much more visible,
  2. Minimizing the clipping and hard to make movement around the fluid moving areas,
  3. Updating the visuals to the modern standards.
T Side
New T Models!

Dust2 is now available in BETA and Valve expects your feedback. If you ask hoe to join the BETA mode, its simple. You can join the Beta Mode by following the steps below.

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