Most Expensive p90 skins

P90 is the most used SMG weapon in the CS:GO game. Some people define it as a noob weapon, but even pro players use it. The P90 is a very serial gun, but the P90 bullets are small. It is possible to get it in the game for 2350 dollars. It can be purchased both on the T side and on the CT side.  P90 is great for maps where distances are short. Also, if you are going to rush, it is reasonable. We recommend a flash bomb with the P90 gun. Flash-blind enemies will be destroyed by p90. At long distances, you have to make a single shot. Otherwise it will not hit the target. The skins of this weapon is in the mid-top expensive group. Now let’s take a look at the most expensive skins…

1.Emerald Dragon ($999)

p90 most expensive skin

This memento from Chinatown has been painted with a dragon motif. For open this skin you need an “Operation Bravo” case! This skin game entered in 2013 and is very rare.

2.Death by Kitty ($288)

Cs-Go P90 Skin

It has been hydro-dipped with a graphic of overlapping cat skulls. This skin comes from inside the “E-Sports 2013”  case. This skin is not sold on the market as “Factory New“.

3. Fallout Warning ($203)

Nuke Collection

It has been spray-painted with radiological warning hazard patterns. It joined the game with the “Nuke Collection“. The patterns on it are striking. Talented pro players are loved this skin. It entered the game on August 2013. It’s great for the Nuke map.

4.Asiimov ($115)

p90 asiimov

It is a continuation of a popular skin design. Like the AWP, the P90 design is also very popular. Symmetrical lines on the p90 attract attention. Asiimov joined the game with the “Operation Breakout Weapon” case. It has been in the game since 2014.

5.Shapewood ($53)

p90 shape skin

It’s really a different skin. Unlike the others,  because it is handmade. The surface is laminated. It has a retro look. Shapewood joined the game with the “Revolver” case. Shapewood entered the game in 2015. It was loved by the players.

TOP 10 P90 Skins Video: