The game community is comprised of real followers and some of those people are genuinely profession on Pokemon Go. In fact, some of those professionals, with the deep analysis and statistics that they published on Reddit and on different platforms, listed the strongest Pokemons in Pokemon Go Wars.

Our Pokemons in Pokemon Go distinguish their powers by three main titles. They are the attack, defense and strength. (HP) Although the abilities of each Pokemon vary depending on the secret stats and its CP value, not all 3 of those values are dominant in each Pokemon. Now, the Pokemon List, which features the Pokemons with dominant values in this regard with that distinguish themselves with all abilities in general, has been out on reddit. You can take a look at our list of the strongest Pokemons and you can arrange your battle order in this accord.

1.Mewtwo [Psychic – Legendary Pokemon] / 680

2. Dragonite [Dragon / Flying] / 600

Drognite Pokemon Go
3. Mew [Psychic – Legendary Pokemon] / 600

Mew Pokemon Go

4. Articuno [Ice / Flying – Legendary Pokemon] / 580

Pokemon Go Articuno
5. Snorlax [Normal] / 540

Snorlax Pokemon
6.Moltres [Fire / Flying / Legendary Pokemon] / 540

Moltres Pokemon Go
7. Zapdos [Lightning / Flying – Legendary Pokemon] / 540

zapdos pokemon
8. Lapras [Water / Ice] / 535

Lapras Pokemon Go
9. Arcanine [Fire] / 530

Arcanine Pokemon
10. Blastoise [Water] / 530

Huge Pokemon