Garlic Benefits

You may have heard the this…they say the secret of the immortality lies with the garlic.

Of course our claim here is not that grandiose. However, according to the researchers, the garlic has numerous benefits to our body ranging from weight loss to the healthy hair, from decimating the herpes to balancing the cholesterol. And that is why those who wish to live a healthier life try to use garlic more and more in their nutritional routine.

We think that discarding the garlic from our lives merely due to the fact that it smells foul would be a costly mistake. Especially when it is possible not to disturb people around us with simple tricks.

In short, do not overlook what the garlic may offer to your body. And we think that you will already love the garlic when you know what will happen when you consume just a clove of garlic.

Blood Pressure

Garlic helps balancing the blood pressure

According to the studies, the garlic shows significant effect on balancing the blood pressure. Therefore, going too far, just a clove of garlic per day keeps the blood pressure levels steady.

Blood Clotting Garlic

Garlic reduces the risk of blood clotting

The beneficial ingredients found in garlic thin the blood and by preventing the thrombocytes
to stick to each other, it prevents the blood clotting.

So, consuming garlic regularly at reasonable levels ensures that the blood flows in a well ordered way, which in turns protects the cardiovascular health.

inflammatory garlic

Garlic Causes the bodily inflammations heal rapidly

It is not surprising that the garlic is considered as the natural antibiotic. From the inflammations formed in throat to the inner ear inflammations, garlic plays a major role in the rapid healing process of the inflammations round every corner of the body.

Since the garlic accelerates the healing process of the inflammations, it reduces the risk of contracting skin diseases

Garlic, which is not limited with the rapid healing of the inflammations, also protects the body against skin diseases such as fungal infections and plays a major role in overcoming such maladies in external uses.

 immune system

By boosting the immune system, garlic protects you from diseases like cold, flu etc.

We think everybody knows the antiviral and anti-bacterial properties of the garlic. Thanks to those properties, garlic, which prevents the intrusion of the viruses and the bacteria to the body as much as possible, is also an expert in dispatching those harmful elements, which are already settled in within the body, out from the body rapidly.

It decreases the risk of contracting various types of cancer

The garlic, which is one of the highly successful elements in strengthening the immune system, does not limit its capabilities with maladies like common cold, which can be considered as a simple matter.

Powered by its antioxidant properties, the garlic delays the formation and spreading of the cancerous cells as much as possible. Thanks to this, it protects our body against various types of cancer.

It helps the nervous system working properly; it also helps us being away from temper and stress

A substance called selenium in garlic assists the nervous system in proper functioning and thus keeps us away from temper and stress. It also plays a role in decreasing the stress related insomnia.

Garlic Plant

Garlic plays an important role in decreasing the level of bad cholesterol

Garlic, which is known to balance out the cholesterol just like the blood pressure, is capable to decrease the bad cholesterol as it is also capable of decreasing the good one. However, those who use cholesterol drugs should be careful when consuming garlic.

It is also a cure for high triglyceride levels like in cholesterol

The triglyceride, which is known as the main compound of the animal or plant based fat being high leads to the high cholesterol levels as well. Therefore, keeping the triglyceride balance is crucial. And this is possible by consuming just a clove of garlic per day.

Things to know

If garlic causes serious stomach issue for you or if you don’t feel well after consuming raw garlic, you can consider the roasted garlic as an alternative. Naturally, if you happen to have a serious stomach condition or blood pressure problem, you should consult to your doctor first before consuming garlic.