Football, the sport of our age. We all love playing football, watching football. But what actually do we know about it? If we consider the game of football as the curiosity of the mankind towards the ball, its history also dates back considerably. When we take a look at the Ancient Egypt, which is known by its great pyramids, they are known as one of the first civilization that involved with football. The studies suggest that the Egyptians drew objects on to the walls that resemble the balls.

Ancient Egypt

Middle Asia FootballIt has been also reported that linen balls from the ancient times were also unearthed. The sources also suggest that the Turkic people from the Middle Asia were amongst the very first to play football. It is known that they played football between two poles only with feet and head without touching it with hands. However, there are no concrete evidences either. Many histories mention a game called tepük in their books.Football showed its footsteps across all civilizations in the beginning however it took until 17th century for the football to take its modern form in England.

Football, by its nature, is considered as the most followed branch of sport of the world. And without a doubt, it is a very accurate statement. There are also very interesting terms and dates about the football as well. For example; 1841 is the date, when it is acknowledged that the ball is round. When the context of that era is compared to that of today’s, the difference is highly apparent. The very first football game was played in Cambridge England in the Cambridge University. This was gone down as the first football game in the history. The Sheffield Club was established in 1857 in England.

Football History

In 1875, the goals became no longer two posts only and their top was closed. The football, in this manner, gradually has turned into its modern form. The off side rule was introduced into the game and the progress continued. In 1891, one of the essential elements of Football, the penalty rule was accepted and became one of the rules in the football rulebook. Football began shaping itself into its modern form and made a splash in the world in a very short period of time.

History of Football

People from all countries began playing football and were enchanted by this legendary game. However, the politic events cast shadow over football from time to time. Such events were remembered as the shameful side of the game of Football. The deaths, occurred in the field have never forgotten. But people have never given up on football as the football never abandoned the people. In 1904, the prominent countries in the circle of Football established FIFA. In the subsequent years, football was included to the Olympic Games. However, the world of football experienced some turmoil due to politic reasons but the world of football, which recovered from this era, began to being a more contemporary as it also started to keep pace with the progress.

After this period, football took its modern form of today.