Electromagnetic Radiation

Many electrical appliances and devices that we use in our daily life and which make our lives easier also inflict damage to us as well. Some of the most used ones of such devices like the mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, TV etc, emit electromagnetic radiation thus pose risks for our health.

Although it is not possible to be protected from the electromagnetic radiation completely, a few point to pay attention may decrease the amount of exposure. For example, we need to shut down and plug out any electric appliances at our homes when they are not in use. Even if we don’t use such appliances, they continue emitting electromagnetic radiation unless they are not plugged out. We have to prefer LED, LCD or Plasma TV sets. As reading lamps, we need to go with halogen or fluorescent lamps.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Due to the fact that the magnetic field of the hair dryer, which we use regularly in our daily life, we need to use this device with certain periods instead of using it on every occasion. When we sleep, there should be no source of electromagnetic fieldĀ  on our bedside. The electrical appliances should be pulled out, the mobile phones should be switched off and should be placed at least a meter away from us. One of the biggest mistakes that we do is keeping our cell phones at our bedside, close to us even when we sleep. We need to use cable headphones when using cell phones and we need to choose the cable modems for our internet connections.

Electromagnetic Radiation Kids

The electromagnetic radiation affects everybody from all ages. Since the electromagnetic radiation has adverse effects on the reproduction in addition to the other ill effects, the use of cell phones especially by the kids and young people under 16 years is highly ill advised. Such magnetic waves pose a threat against the health of especially the pregnant women and babies. Since the women and much more sensitive during the pregnancy and the babies are so fragile to be highly affected from the external factors, the potential results are even more frightening. For the pregnant women to stay away from the cell phones and computers at least for the duration of their pregnancy is crucial in terms of the health of their offspring. The experts advise the use of radiation measuring bracelets, wristbands etc to ensure that such people may stay as little as possible around the risky environments.

Even though protecting ourselves from the electromagnetic radiation entirely is not a possibility, it’s up to us to decrease the level of exposure to a minimum. You may think of this as falling behind the modern age but without a doubt, it’s worth it for a healthier life.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum