No Man Sky Game

Do not be in a hurry at all.

Your main goal in No Man’s Sky may be reaching to the center of the universe but you are not in a hurry to complete this mission at all. In the beginning of everything, it would be much better to enjoy the game and to explore as much as you can. In this way, you can reach to the center of the universe in a much stronger state. In fact, we don’t know what exactly awaits you out there. And while we say do not rush, this also applies to the planet that o you start on. Because those planets generally host a lot of resources. Do not leave your first planet before learning the basic mechanics of the game and without exploring majority of the planets.

No Man Sky First Scene

Under this topic, it is also necessary to say that do not overheat the mining laser that you collect resources with. If the overheating value approaches to %80’s stop what you are doing for a short while and resume when your laser gun is cooled down. The overheated guns (reaching to %100) naturally take more time to cool down and this may waste your time in vein. Yes, don’t rush but it is also useful to be a bit practical about this gun as well. In addition, don’t forget to use your JetPAck to access to the mines that we discuss here. Some mines may be located on top of hills and instead of climbing up those hills from a straight line, using your jetpack will save you some time.

Use your jetpack correctly.

Yes you need to use your jetpack to reach to some certain places and locations but this equipment has another purpose as well. If you want to traverse a planet in a rapid fashion, press close range hit and jetpack boost keys simultaneously while running, your rocket will boost you forward. Let us warn you that this is not an official feature of the game. This is more of a gaming bug, a glitch if you will. That means that it can be patched soon. Also be careful when exploiting such gaming errors because you also get damage from falls. If you try to land from a really high place without using your booster, the gravity will probably be the end of you.


In fact, the gravity is not the only thing out there to kill you. Because the game features a kind of space cop. Apart from the extra atmospheric police, there are tiny robots in the planets.  Those robots may follow you and if you damage the planet, they try to kill you, which they are pretty good at. So while collecting mines and battling the local fauna, you should look out for the space police too.  If you somehow wind up dead, you will start from your last point of save. Therefore remember to save the game constantly as there is no autosave system in the game.

Listen a lot of chemistry lessons

If you ditched the chemistry lessons in high school, we have bad news for you. Because for the No Man’s Sky, you need to know a portion of the periodic table. Ok, its not that necessary to know a very detailed knowledge. And the game already has a tutorial section of its own unique design as well. For example, while the lightning symbol indicates the isotopes, such materials are used mainly as fuel in the game. The brick symbol indicates the oxides. We use this material for keeping our shields up. Finally the beaker mark represents the silicates. The silicates are used to advance the technology and to manufacture items.

No Man's Sky Chemistry

It is important to have isotopes and oxides present amongst the materials that we listed above with you all times. Because your ship may constantly need, the fuel and the oxides may be useful for maintaining your life and keeping your shield energy level up while discovering the planets. By the way, let me tell you that if you are out to discover the closed areas, ruins or structures as well as the caves, you will not need those mines, as the conditions of those areas are usually not hostile.

Know how to manage your inventory well

Making explorations, bringing every mining material with you, living off the presents, coming from the aliens may be a good but this may also put you in trouble in times. So try to carry as little Gek Charms as possible, try to send the unnecessary mines to your ship and to increase your inventory capacity constantly.  Of course if you want you can sell such unnecessary materials and make a mother load of money by this way. Another way to make money is uploading your discoveries to the game server. For this, visiting the Settings Menu will suffice. You can earn a certain amount of money for each of your discoveries. Although the yield is somewhat less than the trade, who says no to some extra cash?

No Man Sky

Making discoveries and naming the new things that you just locate may be nice and all but you need to try not to be rude when naming things. Nobody, playing the game, will want to land on the planet called “your mother’s arse” to make discoveries and this may even ruin the gaming experience of the players. And by the way, in order for the discoveries to be uploaded to the servers, first the animals should be scanned.

Try to establish communications

In No Man’s Sky, it is possible to encounter with animals and aliens. You don’t need to know any language to communicate with the animals because the animals know no language. But there is a universal language called love isn’t there? If you feed the creatures, they may lead you to hidden treasures or may excrete stool for you to collect. Its weird I know but that is a real thing here. When it comes to humanoids, you need to learn the alien language. You can do this from the monolith stones. Each stone that you visit teaches you a word. Such stones may vary in size greatly since they can be found on a planet in a very big or small in size. So  make sure that you have made a great discovery.

No Man Sky Ships

Interact with everything that you see

In No Man’s Sky, you can encoıunter with different structures and treasures. Don’t say “what will I do with that much treasure or structures?” Especially the alien structures may constantly house new tech, descriptions or money. Of course you can find some sellable artifacts or resources that can be used to manufacture items within such treasures, scattered all around the worlds. In addition to all those treasures, found on planets, there are also collectibles in space as well. For example, asteroids are the things to go for in this regard. Such resources that you may collect with the “Phase Beam” will give you a lot more yield because the space hosts more resources than the planet based mining.

Don’t be in s false sense of security just because you are within the vacuum of the space. You may encounter with the space pirates. You need to be careful about the space pirates at the beginning of the game. Because they may quickly outnumber you as it takes only 2 minutes for you to die. And when you die, well, all resources in your ship get lost. I have just experienced it hours ago. Also never open fire at large commercial ships. They are big and they swallow you whole, you would know what happens to you.

No Man Sky Home

Be careful when attacking facilities

If I remember correctly, the game assigns you with the task of attacking a facility in the third galaxy. Of course it is possible to attack the facilities before tasked with the mission. But you need to be careful because the moment you open fire at the facility, the space police begins its chase. And that tiny robots may not always the only space police that you see. There are such space police that you instantly think you are in a Star Wars game. But if you enter through the gates of the facility, the space police drops the chase immediately.

No Man Sky Cosmos

Apart from attacking the facilities, spare time for underwater and underground exploration. As the name suggests, if you are on a planet with clean water, definitely take a look. Something useful can always be found down there. About the underground exploration, you will enter the caves that are already there to find weird things or you will need to make your own caves by loading the necessary technology to your laser.

Bypass Chip is highly important

You always need to be close to your ship. The reasons are related with the facts that your mine materials may run out or you may find yourself in the middle of a mortal combat. If you happen to be far from your ship and close to an alien structure, there may be a feature, which enables you to call your spaceship. This feature would require Bypass Chip. Be generous, don’t be shy for using the Bypass Chip. This element can also be found to reveal interesting places on the planets. Interacting with the devices that flash upwards red lights will suffice to activate this.

By Pass Chip

But there is a problem. If you don’t have one in your inventory, crafting one may cause some trouble. So modify the inventory of your character in every chance at hand. Such modifications can be made at certain points on the planets and some money is asked from you in return. Apart from this, modifying your ship’s inventory is a bit more problematic. Because in order to do that you need to purchase new ships. To do that, you need to talk to the aliens that anchored their ships to the space stations. But let us warn you in advance, the ships in the game are incredibly expensive. You may not be able to purchase a new ship with a gameplay time up to 10 hours.

Don’t forget to enjoy the game

First of all, try to enjoy the game by remembering that the No Man’s Sky is just a game. Experience the joy of cruising and wandering around in the space. Watch the landscapes, scenes. Discover the underwater wonders and descent down to the caves that are as frightening as they are beautiful.