Steam Levels

For those, who are new, lets briefly talk about the things like “what is a Steam Level and what is it used for”. The Steam Level, as its called, is a level that is appeared in your account. When a person opens up an account, he / she starts as Level 0. After that, if you purchase some games and complete all the community tasks of the “Badges” section, you earn 500 xp for free. That means you are now at level 5 without doing pretty much nothing.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of Steam levels. If you are above Level 10, you get a chance to have a Steam Power Up card with %10 chance. This will translate to earning 30-40 cents per month for free.

If you are above Level 20, such a chance to get a card is %20 and your chance in this regard increases proportionally. Another major advantage in this case is that when your level is above 10, you can display a showcase in your profile. With this right, you can exhibit your trade items or inventory or you can add a drawing display, a screenshot or a section like “about me”. Once in 10 Levels, you will be granted to add another display. Now that we completed the first phase of the Steam Level Guide, Let us go to the part about fast level promotion.

Top3 Steam Level

Ways for Rapid Steam level Promotion

  1. Community Tasks that is the main method,
  2. Gathering free games and crunching for more XP,
  3. Getting Cards Automatically.

Crunching to 500 XP with Community Tasks

First of all, I warn you. In order to do what is written here, you need an unrestricted Steam Account. That means you have to make a deposit of 8$ or more to your account before. New comers of Steam may not have done this. Those old users, who forgot to do so, may repeat this transaction.  First, go to your name from Steam Interface or via the website and from the pop menu, click on “badges”. The standard badges of the games that you have and Steam’s own badges will appear.

The unfinished tasks appear faded instead of blue. There are explanations next to the tasks that you have not yet finished and each one of them is simpler than the other. You can complete them all within 10 minutes and by obtaining your free 500 XP, you get a cool looking “Community Lear” Badge. This also means instant level 5. Now Let’s go to the next method.

Leveling up with Free Steam Games

You follow the free Steam Games. There are usually 10-20 different games and each game that you pick up grants you 2 XP’s. I hear you now saying ”You re kidding us right? What the hell is 2XP’s?” however, new games are added each day and most people have more than 200 free games already. There are even some gamers with more than 1000 games stacked in their library. This means a quite handsome amount of XP. Now, this is just the beginning. Let’s now switch to the next phase.

Crunching for the levels by obtaining cards

Did you know that in almost every game, you could get your badges registered? And the free games that I explained above are included to this as well. After adding those games to your library with relatively easy procedures, you can get the cards and register your badges or you can sell the cards and earn money. As you know, cards are dropped only after you play a game for a few hours. If you ask whether you need to play that much game like unemployed losers, my answer will be a NO. you don’t have to play. Now this method is great for the lazy ones. Programs like Idle MSter or ASF come in handy for help. By using any one of those two programs and keeping them idle on the background, you can start the procedure for card dropping.