Space Soldiers Team

We are watching the video of the wonderful CS:GO team on the WESG (Europa) Tournament. “PAZ“, the main player, could not join the tournament. In place of the game played “DESPE“. The player, who was not on the long-running team but performed well. He played AWPER in the game. He was very aggressive play-style in the tournament.

The best of the team was definitely “Xantares”.  His friends call him a machine. It’s really an AIM machine.The reflexes in the game are extremely fast. It’s also one of the rare players who can do Spray Transfer! The future is brilliant because it is so young! (21 Age)

The brains of the team “MAJ3R” We recognize him as the CS 1.6 legend. But he is also a legend for CS:GO. In the game he can make a quick rush and learn the opposing team. It also produces tactics according to the game’s course. It moves the team in a coordinated manner.

Majer Cs GO

Another talented player is “CALYX“. He is a player who likes to play more in the back. He likes to play a guarantee in the game. Even if he stays alone, he can clutch the game. His calm attitude makes him strong.  It is also the youngest player in the team. His best maps are Cache and Cobblestone.

Ngin” is the other valuable player on the team. Everyone remembers him with the clutch  the world’s best team “SK Gaming”. From rare players who are both rifles and awper. So the Ngin is a joker for teams on open maps.