Space Soldiers Team

Space solders is the leader e-sport team of Turkey with most successful results in international arena.

Space Gaming A.Ş was founded by Bünyamin Aydın in 2014. It has an e-sports team named Space Soldiers and a e-sports training school called AKADEMI. In addition, the company has become an internationally recognized institution with its custom designed team jerseys, various team items as well as its international achievements.

Bunyamin Aydin
Founder of Space Soldier Team

Space Soldiers CS:GO team, in addition to being the only team that lends all 5 players to its national team, brought the most championships to Turkey in global tournaments with a large margin.

The 5-year goal of the Team Space Soldiers is to be ranked amongst the top 5 e-sports team in the world.


Xanteres CS:GO Player

XANTARES (Can Dörtkardeş)

His frag skills and reaction time is respected by all CS:GO players. He does not sweat for finding personal tactics that wins you the round. Just like a machine, he can exercise his superior performance in every match. Not solely relying on his own extraordinary skills and working hard keeps him at the top of the’s best players list.

Majer Cs GO

MAJ3R (Engin Küpeli)

The MAJ3R, who is one of the legends of CS 1.6, assumes the leadership of the team as the result of the experience he has accumulated over the years. He never hesitates to shoulder responsibility in the most intense moments. He commands every corner of the game. He is one of the rare “in-game leaders” with high frag capacity.

Calyx CS-GO

Calyx (Buğra Akın)

He was only 18 when he managed to slip into top 5 of’s top 5 players list. Calyx, without any regard to his young age, surpasses even the experienced players with his calm game demeanor. As a player of our world champion National Team, he combines his unusual “aiming” skill with patience.

PAZ Cs-GO Player

Paz (Ahmet Karahoca)

With his shooting control that defies distance and his potential to drop the enemy, he spreads fear to the hearts of his opponents. Thanks to his natural cool headedness, he has made a name for himself as the clutch master of the team despite his young age. Those, who witness his spraying control, understand that they are looking at the star of the future.

nGin CS-GO Player

ngiN (Engin Kor)

As the result of the positive energy that he radiates to his team, he is just like a joker. In addition to keep the team morale up with his jokes, his ability to assume different roles separates him from the other players. His ability to play as a Lurker or as a Support and to use rifle in AWP role, grants a huge tactical flexibility to his team.

Despe CS GO

DESPE (Çağatay Sedef)

The captain of the 2016 TWC Tournament Champion Turkish National Team. Thanks to his extra sharp reflexes, he, as the AWP role player of the team, he is always ready to shoulder the responsibility. Due to the fact that he can keep his cool even in the most dire moments, he reflects his tactical discipline to his game.