What are the benefits of walking?

Walking is a perfect sport that every person can do! The first effect is to boost metabolism. When your metabolism speeds up you can burn more calories. Walking helps to maintain a healthy and most importantly permanent weight loss.

It helps to relieve constipation.

One of the biggest obstacles of weight loss is constipation. Walking to get rid of this problem is a great solution; Moreover, it is free, you don’t have to pay for that! Intestinal motions are stimulated during the walk, allowing the person to visit the toilet more frequently. In this way, the foods consumed during the day is more easily digested and the excessive amount is thrown out through the stool.

Sedentary Lifestyle

It completely solves emotional hunger.

Some people tend to eat more when they get stressed or demoralized. The name of this bad habit is emotional hunger. Extra calories are stored as fat in the body. People who are overweight are more distressed because they gain weight and tend to eat more to be happy. In this vicious circle, the person continues to be unhappy and gain weight. Walking, on the other hand, solves emotional hunger completely!

Today, many of the scientific studies define the intestines as the second brain. In the balanced release of happiness hormones such as endorphin, dopamine and serotonin, the intestines have a significant effect. Walking stimulates the intestines, releasing more happiness hormone and avoiding emotional hunger.

No Defeat

Walking in the morning or evening?

In fact, walking regularly is the most important thing. The time of walking is actually less important. However, walking in the morning or evening has specific benefits. As long as you walk, you will lose weight. But, we should also touch upon some points of walking in the morning or evening:

What are the benefits of walking in the morning?

  • Walking in the morning helps metabolism work fast throughout the day.
  • The potential energy in the body is released, making the person more energetic.
  • 1-hour walk burns an average of 250 calories.
  • It helps to avoid emotional and excessive hunger.
  • People who start the day with a useful habit like walking will pay more attention to nutrition and increase weight-loss success.

What are the benefits of walking in the evening?

To lose weight, regular and adequate sleep is essential. Because digestive and fat burning functions are active while we sleep. Well, how is this related to walking? Walking in the evening enables regular release of sleeping hormones such as melatonin.

Eating too much at dinner is the most obvious reason for gaining weight. Sleeping or watching television, especially after dinner, prevents you from losing weight. However, walking after dinner will accelerate metabolism and digestion.

At the end of the day our energy is exhausted and we feel tired. A 25-minute walk in the evening will help you to storeyour energy again.

Real Passions

Which one should be preferred?

It would be useful to repeat the behavior at the same time each day to gain the habit of walking. Therefore, if you are starting to walk for losing weight, choose a suitable time periodfor yourself. Note that this is consistent with your lifestyle. For example, if you get up too early in the morning and go to work or school, it will be hard to get up early and walk in the morning. In this example, evening walk is more suitable for you.

If you are not working, walking at any time of day will be convenient for you.

You can set a reminder alarm on your phone in order not to forget to walk. Anyway, after a while you will love to walk so much that when it is the time to walk, your consciousness will automatically alert you.