Pubg vs Fortnite

Today, battle royale games are storming the gaming world and there are two games that spearheading this, PUBG and Fortnite. Without delving too much history of those two games, we would like to give you a brief comparison in relation to those two games.

Although those games appear in the same gen re, they are different beasts and coming up with an absolute idea on which one is better may not be accurate and fair, so we selected some main subjects and based our essay on the differences regarding those fields.

Pubg vs Fortnite

First one, the number of players in their respective ecosystems.

PUBG was the clear king of 2017 with figures topping 50 Million, but since then it began declining in this department while its nemesis, Fortnite, after a slow start, gained its pace and eventually overshadowed it in 2018.

However, this is just a comparison of numbers as both games feature sufficient amount of players and more than enough momentary users so you will not be practically effected in terms of finding a match up. Even so, this shows a trend here.

Our second area is the graphics and stability.

PUBG offers a realistic art style and game-play like the other hard military shooters such as Ghost Reckon series. It is serious, it has a learning curve and. New comers may find it a bit harder in terms accessibility. But its competitive spirit is definitely there and is very sharp I might say. However, the core game is not stable. The graphics have issues. There are game crushing bugs. It runs not so smoothly for a multiplayer game. Overall, the game looks and feels like a small improvement over the Early Access.

Art of Games

Fortnite on the other hand is accessible. It has a more of a cartoony art style. The gameplay, with the addition of base-building elements, is deeper with a grain of strategic component. The game is colorful, runs as smooth as possible and without so much bugs and issues. So it looks, feels and as a matter of fact, is more solid and stable.

The third topic is the Maps and Arsenal.

PUBG features two maps that cover an area of 64 km, although some of it is inaccessible. (Sea) Maps are detailed and offer various obstacles, different terrain characteristics and a lot of cover. But again, there are technical issues regarding the maps.

Fortnite comes with a 6 km2 map. Fairly detailed and free of technical issues. However, at the end of the day, it’s a tiny map against two huge maps.

Maps PUBG Fortnite

As for the weapons, as I indicated above, PUBG is all about realism. Its weapons are detailed, show difference when using. And customization down to the choice of the ammo becomes important. This comes with a price; steep learning curve. Fortnite; not much to say, get a battle axe and chop your way through.

Also Other Differences

  • Fortnite game is FREE but PUBG is 30 $/€.
  • Fortnite has ARCADE Game-Play, PUBG has REALISM Game-Play.
  • Fortnite has medium sized world and short games; PUBG has long sized world and long games.
  • Fortnite no need vehicles, PUBG has vehicles.
  • Fortnite is also a lot easier than PUBG.

PUBG vs Fortnite Video

Which one should I choose?

If you want to invest serious time in this genre and if you are in modern military shooters, we suggest you to get a taste of PUBG.But you have to be very patient because of the technical issues and the very real reality of cheating.

If you want to have some causal shooting time with a more colorful setting and if you are not into character and weapon customization, go for Fortnite. In the end, they are the different sides of the same coin.