It is indeed very simple to reach to a spot within the last 10 and there are several ways to achieve this. One of them is off course being passive and staying hidden at all times while the other one is fighting to the death and experiencing the rush to its full extend.

Despite the fact that we stayed hidden most of the time when we start the game for the first time, we began playing the game in a different attitude in the later times, play to death like a true warrior. Naturally, the element of luck is crucial and if we keep the circumstances like finding an important weapon out, there are several tips that we need to know.

Outfit of PUBG
PUBG Best outfit for camouflage.

PUBG Tactics List

  • When you escape from the poisonous area or if you want a quick exit under heavy fire, running away with your weapon holstered to your back (press X Key) will make you faster,
  • If you press Shift key when you are in a vehicle, the vehicle will go faster,
  • However, going faster comes with some cons as well. Making even more noise and burning much more fuel are some of them,
  • When the playzone shrinks gradually and you remain on grassland, you should absolutely lay down on the ground. Otherwise, it will be very easy for the other players to spot you.
  • When you land on a town and enter a house, close the door behind you. You may have experienced this a lot. It is a very sad situation in which you enter an area you think never been entered, to end up being shot in the back. By closing the doors behind you, you may have some other players experience the same bitterness. Do not forget to muffle your sound. If you are skirmishing with multiple hostiles at once, deal with the one that is closest to you. Do not think about the other much as you focus them too much you will be swiftly dealt with the one that is closest to you.
  • If the payload, dropped from the plane splashed down on water, you can go into the water by pressing C Key. In the water, it will be very difficult to be shot.
Crowded areas are more dangerous for landing.

Fight for Survival

  • When you think of resurfacing while hiding somewhere, check your surroundings by pressing ALT key. It will be more advantageous for you to pop up after taking a look around,
  • Instead of trying to jump from stationary position when you are trying to reach to a higher point, just try to take a few steps back and dash before jumping. This way, you can climb easily.
  • You have probably seen people jumping out of windows. This would seriously give you an edge. To achieve this, there should be no netting in the glass to be jumped through. Dash towards the glass and after approaching, press SPACE +C Keys simultaneously to easily break through the glass. You may not succeed during your initial trials but don’t give up, sooner or later you’ ll get there. If you are having hard time in this regard, you can succeed by tampering with the macro settings of your mouse.
  • Do not be afraid of engaging with the other players. Fear usually brings the death. Try to kill the players you spot but of course we do not do this heads on. If you have a scope, you can make a take down from a distance, if you don’t have one, try to sneak on him. Remember, switching to full auto when you strike in close quarters will benefit you in a swift kill.
  • If the enemy that you spotted is located in a small cabin, you can easily blow him to pieces with a bomb.
  • What will keep you way ahead in the game is your knowledge of the map. During your play, always try to land on different spots and get information about all places in the game.
  • If you are one of the last 10 standing in the game and haven’t been spotted yet, stay wherever you are. Just watch as the players engage with each other. If you fire, your location will be revealed and all the eyes will be upon you.
  • Ensure that the weapons that you pick up during the game do not use the same ammo. Otherwise you will spend the ammo like hell.

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