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Everybody races for the victory on the battlefield, what about you? The tips to rise to the top in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lay here.

The unique battle royal mode of the H1Z1 that emerged right after the survival trend that began with DayZ was acclaimed. However, H1Z1: King Of The Hill fell short in some departments in terms of meeting some of the expectations of the players. The shortcomings and issues that were neglected for a long time changed the players’ approach to the game.

The Bluehole Studio, who saw those shortcomings created a title, known as the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The PUBG, which earned acclaimed in a short period of time and which stand out from the shadows of the other games of the genre, surpassed H1Z1 to become the leading game of its genre. Therefore, it became inevitable for the PUBG, which grew exponentially, to sell 4-5 million copies.

In the PUBG, in which 100 players rush through the battlegrounds with the equipments they loot from certain areas, do you think all that matters is picking up the weapons and proceed or may there be many more to do?

We listed things that should be known about the Playerunknown’s Battleground for those who have their eyes at the very peak.

Nobody should hear you

Probably one of the crucial key aspects of the PUBG is the sound. As the sound is heavily important in CS:GO, that much attention should be paid in PUBG as well. Because you may encounter with very different levels of sound when you run, walk or silently proceed forward. If you enter a house and do not move rather silently, you may end up dead even before seeing inside the room you head to. In short, it is most beneficial for you to work in stealth.


PS: Sneakers will muffle your sound considerably.

Those who hide amongst bushes

In PUBG, the abundance of woodlands prevents your direct interaction with your enemies. For that reason, an opponent, who fires at you from a direction that you fail to discern, may put you in a difficult position. If you set the woodland graphic quality to low instead of setting all video settings to max, it will be very difficult to hunt you amongst the bushes.

DO not rely on the games’ own settings

There is one other important thing that you should know before joining a PUBG game session. Never rely on the keyboard and mouse settings of the game. You began fighting with the enemy and you have your sight trained on some stone ruins as you plan to take cover. However, you may not prone, even if you press on “C” key. In the game, you may need to make few more keyboard settings like this. Furthermore, if you switch to FPS mode, you may not see enemies that approach from your left or right sides and subsequently you may forced to leave the island just in the first minutes of the game. In brief, adjust your controller settings well.

Choose your equipments and weapons wisely

The biggest difference of PUBG from the games with similar nature is featuring weapon and equipment levels. That means the damage absorption of your helmets and body armor is different based on their respective levels. Furthermore, independently from the levels, the helmets offer protection for the entirety of your head. However, the protection gear, with dropped durability levels after taking several hits, may cause you to get full damages from the weapons. Now let us give you some tips about several critical weapons; AKM has lower recoil and range so avoid using it for close quarters combat. If you ever find an M16, you can drop bodies from a distance easily. Do not think that the shotguns are only viable in close range; they can be pretty useful in mid-ranges. And now, it’s time for the most important weapon of them all. Kar98. Although the damage it inflicts o upper and lower torso, there is not much of a hope for your opponent when a bullet from Kar98 meets with the skull of your opponent. Finally, do not forget parts such as scopes that supplement your weapons.

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The devil is in details

He weapons and equipment are found mostly inside the houses. All the doors remain closed when the game first starts. If there is an open door, either someone else has been there before or there is still someone there. Since your opponents may probably think just like this, do not forget to close all the doors of the houses you enter. By the way, if you are about to enter into a house, equip your headphones and turn up your volume to max.

Crowded areas are more dangerous for landing.

In addition, the damage that you will sustain will decrease as the the distance between you and your enemy grows. During the gunfights, you also need to protect your lower torso because some of the damages that you take may be equal to your center mass.

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Act fast, win fast

When you jump out of the plane, take a look at other players around you and try to get as far as possible. You will be more fortunate if you manage to land on a spot with less humans around.  In PUBG, vehicles are very important as well. In order to escape from the red zones, you can drive them but there are two things that you should know about the vehicles. First, they are awfully loud, so you have to check out your surroundings carefully. Otherwise, you may instantly find yourself, playing a new game. Second, even thought the cars in the real life took considerable steps towards fuel efficiency, the cars in PUBG should be driven at an average speed at best. Otherwise you can run out of fuel sooner than later.