Killing an enemy is not important, staying alive is.

There is a mistake, often made my PUBG mates. Engaging into combat is without a doubt, fun and all but the primary aim in this game is being the one who survives. Let the other do the fighting for you. I even recommend that you just pass by enemies that pass near you. If they do not spot you, then you will have no reason to take them down.try to be the one who has the edge over other at all times. Even if you rise victorious in a combat, this will mean that you just gave up a lot of advantages in the process. First of all, it is not likely that you win a combat situation without being inflicted some damage. Second, in this game, the sound of the weapons can be heard even from great distances, which means your position will be revealed. Furthermore, your opponents in the map, who has not engaged in a combat yet, will have edge over you in terms of inventory and they will remain hidden as well.

Outfit of PUBG
PUBG Best outfit for camouflage.

I would prefer a win with 2-3 kills (which would come only at the end of the game) to losing the round after 14 kills. It is crucial to keep yourself hidden and far away from the skirmishes to the very end. By sticking to this plan, I racked up 6 wins in this weekend alone.


Remain at the center instead of chasing the ring

Actually ı discussed this matter in the previous two sections. However, there is always a chance that you will be the one who gets blindsided by another pack when you get to be the one who chases the ring. Be the hunter, not the prey. Act smart and try to hold on to your positional advantage dearly.

Smoke screens save lives

Especially when playing with a team, the smoke grenades become the most effective items in the game in order to support your team or whenever you are trapped in an area. It is better you carry at least two pieces at all times. I had many encounters in which I narrowly escaped death or saved my teammates by creating a wall of smoke.

Smoke on PUBG

Don’t chase the loot-boxes, dropped from the planes

We already established that the goal in the game is staying alive but do not chase those red boxes, which attract many players with their red smoke and their explicit fall from the sky. Yes, it is true that they contain items of wonder but usually long before you reach to such items, large scale skirmishes erupt around those areas and you will probably get your share in this regard. Let the enemies kill each other, you just watch them from a safe distance.

Pubg Airdrop

Use the doors at your benefit

In the game, the doors swing open to along the direction you entered. That means if you leave the gates of the buildings outwards, you can create a sense that this building had already been visited by another player. This decreases the chances of you, being found by another player in that area. Furthermore, since they don’t expect to find you, even if you exhaust options not to fight, you will still have an edge.


Do not engage in battles unless you really need to. If you really need to….

No matter how much I emphasize this, this fact is still of utmost importance. If you really need to engage into combat, try to be the one with an edge. Let the element of high ground or the turning point of a corridor be always with you. Since the PUBG is a third person shooter, you can check out a range of areas without revealing yourself. You can corner your enemies by using the advantages of the camera angles and you may proceed a clean sweep with your shotgun.

Pubg Pro

If the enemy or the enemies that you plan to attack, happen to have a vehicle, fire at the driver or at the tires.

Naturally I cannot say for certain that none of the tips here that I gave you would guarantee you a win. However, they are the suggestions that definitely boost your chances to win. I played the game for around 60 hours within two weeks and I racked up 20 wins in total and I finished the game amongst the last 5 many times. In addition to those suggestions, your combat skills will make the real difference at the home stretch of the game.