GTA San Andreas

GTA CarlSweet, the brother of our main character Carl Johnson (CJ) breaks out the news that his mother has passed away. The Game begins with his return to Los Santos, where he had moved out to Liberty City in 1987 for his mother’s funeral. While he is on his way in a cab, cops stop CJ and take him to squad car. In the car, he learns that his mother was killed by Tenpenny.

The corrupt cops, known as C.R.A.S.H are the members of Los Santos Police Department. They profit from their gang connections through extortion and threats. Tenpenny and Pulaski are amongst the members of C.R.A.S.H.

CJ sees Big Smoke in her mother’s funeral house and they head to the cemetery for the funeral. Their brothers and his close friend Ryder are present at the funeral as well. During the funeral, the members of Ballas attack them but they manage to return to Grove Street alive.

One day, CJ receives a phone call from one of his friends, Cesar. He shows that Ryder and Big Smoke betrayed the gang. CJ witnesses a gang battle at the carpark, his brother was wounded in the process. He kills everybody there. The cops, arriving to the crime scene arrest them. However, Tenpenny takes him to his own car and leaves him to a small town called Angel Pine. His brother, Sweet is taken under treatment due to his bullet wounds.

GTA City Gang

He lives outside Los Santos for a while. Afterwards he goes to San Fierro thanks to the help of the Truth. Ryder, who betrayed us dies in San Fierro. CJ then goes to Las Venturas and deals with gambling business for a while. Around that time, Tenpenny calls him and gives him jobs. However, CJ is not that willing this time. Tenpenny runs away, Pulaski cannot. Pulaski is killed by CJ. Then he comes back to Los Santos. But things had changed a lot.

GTA Gameplay

Ballas had assumed the control of all territories. Grove Street Family gang is disbanded. CJ finally goes to the factory of Big Smoke and kills him but Tenpenny flees with the money. He blows up the machinery and starts a fire subsequently while running away. Tenpenny continues to run away after hopping into a Fire Department Truck . Sweet jumps to and grabs behind the truck. The fireman is revealed to be Tenpenny’s friend as well. He throws Sweet out. CJ immediately comes under the ladder and Sweet falls down on the car. Ultimately CJ side swipes the fire truck, throwing it down from the bridge. When they come down to the scene, Tenpenny’s friend is already dead as Tenpenny also lies on the ground with one arm and one leg severed. He is killed as well.