GTA 4 Story

GTA 4 NicoThe game tells the story of Niko Bellic, a Bosnian War veteran of Serbian descent, who immigrated to USA by illegal means. He has nobody but his mother. (Milica Bellic) His older borother was murdered years ago as his cousin Roman emigrated to US.

The squad, which Niko is a member of in Bosnian War, is ambushed at a night and 12 people are killed. Only 3 people survives. Niko, Florian Cravic and Darko Brevic. However, Niko thinks that either Florian or Darko has betrayed the squad and sold them to the enemy and he thinks that result was the ambush.

After the war, the life gets hard for Niko. While looking out for two men, who betrayed the squad, he also took a dive into the underworld of crime. He even gets incarcerated. After released from the prison, he encounters with Rodislav Bulgarin, who is engaged with human trafficking from Yugoslavia to Italy and joins his crew. Around that time, he also learns that Florian has gone to Liberty City. At one night, while on a trafficking mission to Italy by boat, the boat sinks after running into the reef. Niko saves himself by swimming away but Bulgarin thinks that the Boat was deliberately sank by Niko and believes that Niko ran away with money. So he looks for him as well.

GTA4 Florian

Niko starts working on board a freight ship named “Platypus”. After wandering around high seas for 7 months, he comes to Liberty City. His cousin Roman has already been writing letters to him, asking him to come to his side. So, Niko, in order to share the rich and upbeat life of his cousin Niko, gets off Platypus. However, a very big surprise awaits him.

Starting the Grand Theft Auto 4

A bitter surprise awaits Niko, who has arrived to Liberty City in order to live the American Dream and to exact his revenge from the man, who betrayed his unit 15 years ago, in Lebarty City. His cousin, Roman Balic, unlike what is written in his letters, is not a man who owns high end sports cars, rolls in money, lives in a luxury mansion and hanging out with beautiful girls. On the contrary, he just owns a taxi business and he doesn’t have that much of money. Niko, after arriving to the city, learns that Roman is deep in gambling debts and loan sharks and lives in a dirty apartment. Niko immediately finds himself neck deep into all the dirty businesses of both his cousin and the city itself.

GTA 4 Liberty City

Niko begins undertaking missions for Vladimir Glebov, Roman’s loan shark for Roman’s debts. But Vlad also hits on Mallorie Bardas, Roman’s girlfriend. Niko Bellic gets irritated from this and kills Vlad. They dump the body to the water with Roman. After this murder, he tells Roman that he came to Liberty City for revenge and is looking for 2 people.

After this incident, the bosses of Vlad, Mikhail Faustin and his partner Dimitri Rascalov kidnap Roman and Niko. Faust is not angry at them for the murder of Vlad and hires Niko. Niko then undertakes some tasks for Faustin. After some lunatic decisions that Faustin takes, his partner Dimitri orders Niko to kill Faustin. Niko then kills Faustin and goes to Dimitri along with his Jamaican friend Little Jakob to get his money. Meanwhile Dimitri secretly made a deal with Ray Bulgarin, with whom Niko used to do business and had a fall out later. Ray Bulgarin claims that Niko owns him. Dimitri and Ray Bulgarin try to kill Niko but Niko, with his friend jacob, ends up killing Dimitry’s men. Dimitri and Ray Bulgarin flee from the scene.


Niko receives a phone call from Roman. The two meet but they encounter with his apartment and cab business consumed by the flames. The culprits were Dimitiri’s men. The two run to Bohan. Roman discloses his plans to propose to his girlfriend Mallorie. In subsequent days, Niko makes new friend around the city and joins several criminals and criminal syndicates such as Gerry McReary, Packie McReary, Francis McReary and Derrick McReary), Pegorino Syndicate (Jimmy Pegorino, Ray Boccino and Phil Bell), Playboy X, Dwayne Forge, Elizabeta Torres in order to find those he is looking for, to make some money and to protect his and his cousin Roman’s lives. Ultimately, he finds the trail of one of the names that he thinks betrayed to his unit, Florian Cravic through Ray Boccino but Florian disguised himself as Bernie Crane. Niko deduces that Bernie had no connection with teh man he is looking for. So a single name remains as the suspect. Darko Brevic.

GTA 4 Luxury Cars

Niko Bellic works for a shadowy state agency named United Liberty Paper and for a criminal head figure. In return, United Liberty Paper brings Darko to Liberty City. Niko faces with Darko, who is a drug addict, consumed by the guilt. Executing Darko or forgiving him is given to the player’s own choice at that moment. After this, Niko, who was hanging out in a bar, trying to ease the sorrow of the past, encounters with Jimmy Pegorino. Jimmy asks Niko whether he can make one last favor for him in return of some money or not. And the favor was to confiscate a shipment of heroin for himself and to sell it to Dimitri.

As the Grand Theft Auto 4 Closes

The game ends with one of two endings, depending on the option of the player after a certain point. The game ends with either Niko exact his revenge from Dimitri or makes a deal with him.

Option 1

If the player chooses to exact his revenge, Niko sets up a trap for Dimirti while Dimitri inspects a shipment of drugs with his freighter. Niko boards the tanker, kills his men and enters ship’s control cabin. He then opens the cargo bay doors and proceeds to enter through the gates to kill Dimitri Rashalov. In the conclusion, the wedding of Roman and Mallorie takes place. Jimmy Pegorino, who is furious due to the betrayal, drives by the chapel, where the wedding is carried out, and kills Kate McReary, the woman Niko loves. Niko, Roman and Little Jacob pursue Pegorino’s men, who were driving towards a casino in Alderney. Niko attempts to kill Pegorino but Pegorino escapes towards the direction of Happiness Island by a boat. Niko chases him by a motorbike from the shore. Our character Niko jumps from a ramp with his motorbike and grabs the helicopter Jacob was flying. He pulls himself up, takes control of the chopper and chases Pegorino. The boat catches flames. The chopper is shot down by a rocket, fired from the boat. They land on the island and Niko kills Jimmy Pegorino.

Enf of GTA4

Option 2

If the player wants to make a deal, Niko meets with Phil Bell at the port in order to make the exchange. Dimitri has the exchange sabotaged in his favor. But Niko and Phil take hold of the drug money albeit paying no mind. Kate, who is against the exchange and who let Niko down, does not attend to the wedding of Roman and Mallorie. While the wedding is carried out, the assassins, sent by Dimitri, arrive to kill Niko. A gunfight ensues and this leads to Roman getting killed mistakenly. Niko, devastated and enraged with the feeling of revenge, teams up with little Jacob and the pair goes to the abandoned casino in Alderney in order to kill Dimitri, the current partner of Pegorino. Jacob, in order to prepare for the plan that Niko will put into play after he kills Dimitri, leaves when they are by the casino. When they are inside the casino, Dimitri kills Pegorino and starts running away. Niko and Little Jacob follow Dimitri, who is now running away to the direction of Liberty Island and they kill him just over there. Niko is worried about his own well being.