The CS:GO Rank Styles

Silver I: No talent for keyboard, no talent for mouse. It’s like playing with a chimp. As a matter of fact, one should really put up some effort to play this bad.

Silver II: He tosses all of his grenades when hit by a flashbang. Never echoes and purchases the most expensive weapons in the game. Oh his reflexes…same class with a manatee.

Silver III: The team that knows nothing else apart from the P90 and auto-sniper. They tend to waste their flashbangs when they win the round. Helmet? What is that?

Silver IV: Players are promoted or demoted to this rank until they receive the Silver Elite Rank. M4A4 is used for the first time at this rank. Shooting while running around is a common behavior here.

Silver Elite: Pro players are imitated. Still, no halt before shooting.  They tend to be demoted down to Silver II when they receive a Negev.

Silver Elite Master: This rank class is full of players with the attitude of “Oh I am actually a Nova but I am here only because of my friends.” Sharing intel and the use of minimap starts at this level.

Colors of CS GO Ranks

Gold Nova 1: The hot shot youth is here. Everybody thinks that this is their first step towards being a pro.

Gold Nova 2: Players still log in individually. The logic of playing with a friend has not been developed yet at this stage. Minimap is used more. The habit of smoking appears. This is a traumatic period, where any player with an AWP thinks he is Kenny’S.

Gold Nova 3: This is the rank, in which the most enthusiastic feelings are experienced. People shed tears when they demoted to Nova 2 while the tears of joy come when promoted to this rank.

Gold Nova 4: This level is full of players running and blazing around with AK. Many friendships were buried here. Betrayal, games, cheating and more….Everything is for being a Master Guardian.

Cs-Go Real Rank System

Master Guardian 1: The king of Noob’s! Now the players began discovering the treasure called the skill. How the flash and smoke grenades are tossed is learned. When one of the players gets a Negev, the other members of the team briefly experience a trauma.

Master Guardian 2: Everybody cheats here. (Edit: this can now be said for many other ranks of the game. Especially the guys in the distinguished eagle ranks, silver elite and silver elite master utilize the cheats in the most brutal ways possible.)

Master Guardian Elite: Now the players know what they do. The number of arrogant gamers is high. The players at this level now have the skill of an average CS:GO player.

Distinguished Master Guardian: The eagle feather is right before your nose. You will somewhat go through this rank to become an eagle soon.

CT Awper

Legendary Eagle: You are like the Desperado, who kept his cool and continued to walk away after pushing the button and blowing up the car. You feel that you have the the control of the game and you know your capabilities. But you also know that you can be killed as easily while doing all that.

Legendary Eagle Master: Now you are at the rank that is hardest to complete in the history of CS:GO. You are well aware that every smoke, every flashbang may turn the tide of the game. (The concept of social life is forgotten at this stage)


Supreme Master First Class: just a step before the legend itself, players began playing more aggressively. This is a critical rank and the players have no patience for any loss of either points or matches.

The Global Elite: Welcome to the minority that is comprised of %0,5 of the CS:GO community. Now you are also the “one that is admired to be”. You will begin dissing at your team after attending to ESEA games and getting low RWS scores.

All Quiet on the CSGO Ranking System