1. Despite putting his signature under many “used and unused” experiments/inventions that can completely revolutionize the science and technology structure of the world, his name is rarely mentioned in textbooks. In particular, his idea of “wireless transmission of electrical energy” proves that he is a unique inventor.

Nikola Tesla Power

2. It is believed that the radio was invented by Marconi, X-rays were discovered by Rontgen and the vacuum tube amplifier was found by Forest. There is also a limited number of people who know that Nikola Tesla invented Fluorescent lamps, neon lights, speedometer, ignition system in automobiles, fundamentals of radar, electron microscope and microwave oven.
AC Current Generators and Motors, MRI, laser technology, robot technology and earthquake machine are the projects that were created by focusing on the theories of Nikola Tesla.

Tesla and Einstein
Nikolas Tesla with Albert Einstein – 1921 New Jersey

3. When Tesla first came to the United States in 1884, he worked for Thomas Edison. Edison had just taken out light bulb patent and needed a system for the distribution of electricity.
Edison had justinvented the incandescent light bulb and was trying to develop a system for the transfer of electricity, and he asked Tesla for help in this matter, saying he would pay a large sum of money if he could be able to solve the problem in the system. Tesla solved the problem in the system, saving Edison from perhaps a million-dollar cost, but he never got the promised money.

Edison and Tesla

4. Edison called Tesla to ask for forgiveness while he was on deathbed, but Tesla did not fulfill Edison’s last wish by saying that he wouldspend time on finding the necessary inventions for humanity rather than listening to empty words.

Tesla and Edison
5. For the first time, Nikola Tesla said that electricity can be transmitted wirelessly from a source in very large quantities. He proved this with his later experiments.

Tesla Tower
6. Tesla’s dream was to provide free energy to the world. In 1900, with $150,000 provided by the investor J.P. Morgan, the construction ofthe tower named Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as Tesla Tower, began in Long Island, New York.
The world thought that he was a freak after the transmission of voice and picture that had not been heard yet. If the support was not cut off that day, people could use electricity wirelessly for free today.

Tesla Wireless Tower
7. Tesla’s most important project was Wireless Power Transmission. It was in the records that he was able to light 20 bulbs with no wires, from a distance of 25 miles.

Tesla Lights
8. Tesla said the following about alternating current: “As long as the frequencies were high, alternating currents of great voltages flowed largely on the outer surface of the skin without injury. But it was no stunt for amateurs. Milliamperes penetrating nerve tissue could be fatal, while amperes distributed over the skin could be tolerated for short periods. Very low currents flowing beneath the skin, whether alternating current or direct current, could kill.”


9. 40 years ago, he was using a fluorescent lamp in his laboratory before the industry “invented” a fluorescent lamp. At the fairs and exhibitions, he gave the names of famous scientists to glass sculptures; first examples of neon lights that we see everywhere today.

Tesla Light

10. While Ford was showing off with his first motor vehicle, Tesla told him that he did not need such a big engine, but Ford did not listen to Tesla because he thought himself superior; Tesla then invented the ignition system and had to show it to Ford by making a mistake.
But as always his bad luck showed up again; Ford took the patent of using the ignition system.

Tesla and Ford

11. In 1898, he showed the world’s first remote-controlled model boat in Madison Square Garden. So we can thank Tesla for remote control aircrafts, cars and boats (and even televisions).
He put filled water in the middle of the area where the conventional electricity fair took place and Barnum-Bailey circus was set up. He put a one-meter long boat in this small lake to float. This boat had an antenna master. There was a radio receiver in this boat. He showed various functions such as turning right or left, going straight ahead, stopping, going backwards, turning the lights on and off according to the wishes of the audience, using a remote control. This unforgettable show not only left the audience amazed, but also made it to the front covers of the daily newspapers.Everybody who watched Nikola Tesla was convinced that he was able to do all of that with his mind power. The remote control spacecraft, satellites and devices were developed upon Nikola Tesla’s work.

Tesla Boat
12. Americans asked Edison for help to detect German submarines. Tesla’s idea about using energy waves for this purpose were objected strongly by Edison. This objection is the exact reason why the device we call “radar” was invented with a delay of 25 years.

Nikola Tesla Radar Tech
13. Tesla had already shown the principles of the radio 10 years prior to Marconi’s “invention.” In 1943, the year that Tesla died, the high court decided that Marconi’s patent was invalid because of the preceding demonstrations of Tesla. However, many reference resources still do not mention Tesla’s name about the invention of radio. (Additionally, Marconi’s radio did not transmit sound, but only signals, while Tesla had demonstrated sound transmission years ago.)

Tesla Radio Tech