MH370 Malaysia Airlines Missing Aircraft

Disappearance of aircrafts as a result of crashes has many examples in the field of aviation and military in the history. Rumors brought forward about the missing aircrafts are stable with many examples in the field of aviation.

The Malaysia Airlines aircraft with flight number MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, and it was due to arrive in Beijing. However, it disappeared 2 hours after the takeoff and lost contact. It was carrying 239 passengers. The authorities stated that the aircraft crashed on Vietnam see but later many different statements were made.

Mh370 Plane

It was stated that the aircraft may have been turned back. Malaysia Ministry of Transport denied the news that the aircraft crashed on sea near Tho Chu Island. The relatives of the passengers stated they received signals from their phones but authorities denied this, too. The aircraft didn’t have enough fuel to stay in the air such a long time and this destroyed the hopes about the aircraft.

It was emphasized that the aircraft was flying at 10.700m height and it didn’t send any negative signal at the time of disappearance. Since 8 March, many conflicting statements were made about the aircraft which was announced to be missing and many countries used every means available to find the missing aircraft.

In the last statement, it was emphasized that there wasn’t any problem during the conversation made between the pilot and control tower. Authorities expressed that the situation regarding that the aircraft changed its route before disappearance was unclear.


Six aircrafts belonging to the U.S. navy disappeared on 5 December 1945 during a military training which started routinely. In the aircrafts taking off from a base in Florida, USA, the pilots couldn’t perceive the signs and they lost attention despite of the suitable conditions in terms of technique and experience. Charles Taylor managing the flight stated in the calls made to the tower that the compass broke down. The team didn’t perform the directive given by the tower about heading towards west and disconnection between the aircrafts and tower occurred. A rescue aircraft also disappeared while searching for the aircraft. It was stated that this rescue aircraft exploded in the air. Another claim about this disappearance is that the navy gave negative answer to the request of Taylor about not to begin the training.

Flight 19

The aircrafts disappeared on the area which is known as the Bermuda Triangle recognized as a magnetic area and a region containing natural gas as a current area. After this appearance, the region became to be known better by the people.


Another mystery is the disappearance of an aircraft in Andes in 1947. The aircraft took off from Buenos Aires, Argentina and was expected to arrive in Santiago. What remained from the aircraft were Morse message with “STENDEC” minutes before the landing on 2 August 1947. This message caused this disappearance to become a mysterious event in aviation history.

Stardust Plane

Nothing could be found about the wreckage despite of wide research. After years, a group of people walking on the mountain found some parts of the aircraft in 1998 and in 2000 the whole wreckage was found.


Pan Am Flight 7 which took off in 1957 for world tour crashed on Pacific Ocean and 44 passengers aboard died. The wreckage was found by the U.S. navy 1 week after the crash.High amount of carbon monoxide found in the bodies created suspicion but no positive proof was found.


An EgyptAir aircraft suddenly crashed on Atlantic Ocean on 31 October 1999 by losing altitude when it was flying at thousands of feet height. 217 passengers aboard lost their lives. Authorities from USA and Egypt gave different statements about the crash and this situation created suspicion. As a result, this crash became one of the most important crashes in the aviation history. Authorities from USA reported that the crash occurred as a result of co-pilot’s suicide but authorities from Egypt stated that the crash occurred as a result of a mechanical failure. This crash still remains as a mystery.


In the crash occurred on 8 September 1994, 132 passengers lost their lives. The aircraft taking off from Chicago to Pittsburgh crashed 10 minutes later from the takeoff because of a failure and everybody aboard lost their lives because of the strong smashup. The reason of this crash could be understood in almost 4 years. It was understood that the crash resulted from a failure on the rudder of the aircraft and the company paid nearly 50 million dollars to the families.



TWA Flight 800 Crash which occurred on 17 July 1996 is one of the most tragic crashes in the aviation history. The aircraft took off from New York and was flying to Paris. It crashed into the Pacific Ocean due to an unknown cause and 270 aboard died in the crash.Accident investigators from U.S. Navy arrived near the scene and this caused speculation about the accident.

TWA Crash

Later on, experts initiated investigations and as a result suspicious theories were eliminated. These investigations showed that the reason of the crash was the explosion of flammable fuel in the fuel tank. As a result of the investigations initiated by the experts, important lessons were taken from the crash and necessary arrangements were made to prevent future fuel tank explosions.


On 1 June 2009, the Air France aircraft which was flying from Rio to Paris disappeared near Atlantic Ocean with 228 passengers.All passengers aboard died. Pilots didn’t call for help and this made the initial investigation difficult. On 2009, Brazilian Air Forces announced that 41 bodies were found.

Air France Crash

On 27 May 2011, an explanation was made after the black boxes of the aircraft were recovered and it was stated that the captain wasn’t in the cockpit at the time of descent and couldn’t prevent the crash. After the investigations made by BEA it was stated that the descending of the aircraft lasted 3 minutes 30 seconds and the captain came to the cockpit 1,5 minutes after the aircraft began descending. In addition, it was stated that co-pilots detected failure in speed indicators and they were transferring incorrect data during the descent.