Most Expensive AWP Skins

AWP is the most effective weapon in the CS:GO. The high budget makes it inaccessible sometimes. Although it is slow, it mostly kills in one shot. Major tournaments have a master on each team. The master of the awp is called AWPER. They can change the course of the game. They are much more effective in open areas. Skin is also very expensive because it is a very used weapon. We will show you the most expensive 5 AWP skins.

1. AWP Dragon Lore (Worth – $2.200)

Most Expensive AWP Skin

2. AWP – MEDUSA (Worth – $1.699)

AWP- Medusa

3. AWP – BOOM (Worth – $538)

Boom Skin

4. AWP – Lightning Strike (Worth – $247)

AWP Skin

5. AWP -Hyper Beast (Worth – $239)

Hyper AWP

With the new cases, steam market may change. However, the 5 AWP skin that is included here will always be among the classics. Especially Dragon Lore is the most legendary. You can see the shape of the dragon on the Cobblestone map. Also this skin is the most expensive 4th in all skin. Major players sometimes use that skin.  It adds a different atmosphere to the game.

Top 10 Rare AWP Skins: