Xantares CS.GO Player

First of all, can you tell us your CS:GO story right from its beginning?

My own CS:GO story began, just like everybody else, when my friends introduced me CS:GO for the first time. I only played it for fun in the very beginning. However, as I kept playing the competitive and team based nature of the game hooked me in. my pro career began in 2010, when we established the team with my friends.

Xantares CS 1.6

You will retire years later. With what achievements would you like to be remembered?

My answer is short and clear; I want to succeed in something that has never been done before.

Compared to many European Teams, the internet speed in Turkey is low; how does this affect your team?

I can say that, thanks to the technological improvements, the situation is far better now compared o the past years. However, this is still not enough for games such as CS:GO, where fast thinking is paramount. The difference between Turkey and Europe is very high at the moment. For example, while our competitors get ping around 5, we get ping around 40.

Purple Xantares

Despite this, your in-game stats are closer to the players of the best teams, or even better. Is your team’s strategy based on your frags?

This is a misconception. As Space Soldiers, our teamwork and game philosophy is at a different level. I have to confess that our lack of information regarding the game dynamics and strategies amuse me.

Xanteres CS:GO Player

Your teammates Maj3r and ngiN are born in Germany and France. Does this lead to any communication issues?

None of them are having any problem with language. In addition to being born in Germany, their Turkish is quite fluent.

Did you forge any friendships with any other pro teams? Tarik is one of the first to come to mind.

I am friends with many pro players, including Tarik.

Before ending the interview, can you give some advice to the young players about being a pro as a pro player?

A balanced dietary program is important. Getting good sleep, being disciplined, working as hard as possible are the things that you have to do.