Apple Company

Information about apple that will amaze you when you read each one of them!

Without a doubt, the era we live in shall take its place in history books as “the mobile era”. And Apple comes first as one of the companies that have managed to leave its mark to this era. The company, founded in 1976, made a name for itself thanks to its computers when it began being popular. When the date was 2007; a new move that would change the course of the tech industry came from the Apple and the company introduced its very first Iphone.

Apple Company

Of course it is easy write down a lot about the Apple but we decided to simplify the subject a bit and to discourse things that you probably have never heard of in relation to Apple. Here is the information about the Apple that is as interesting as ever;

  • Apple is the largest and the biggest company in the world in terms of the income and the corporate assets as it is the second largest one as a cell phone maker.
  • There are 115.000 Apple employees around the world.
  • The average income of a person, who is employed at the main campus of Apple is 125.000 USD per year.

Apple Store Workers

  • Apple reached to a sales figure of 340.000 Iphones per day in 2012.
  • The retina screens of the Apple Ipads are manufactured by Samsung.
  • Apple earns 300.000 USD per minute.
  • One of the founding partners of Apple sold its share in Apple for 800 USD back in the day. Now that share worth around 35 Billion USD.

Money of Apple

  • Everything you say to Siri goes to apple. Apple analyzes what you say to Siri and stores them for development purposes.
  • The cash flow of Apple exceeds the flow of the US Treasury.
  • The sales of Apple Iphone worth more than everything that Microsoft manufactures.
  • Apple, with is worth of 118,9 Billion USD, has the most expensive brand value.
  • Apple, as of the last year, has 475 stores in 17 countries.

Apple Store

  • In all Iphone images, the clock shows 9:41. The reason for this is that Steve Jobs introduced the first Iphone at 9:41.
  • One of the three most valued brands is Apple. The others are Microsoft and Google.
  • The creator of the Ipod pitched its idea first to Philips and RealNetworks. However, both companies rejected the idea on the grounds that the idea has no potential.
  • If you had gone back to 1991 and had tried to purchase an Iphone component by component (Screen, Ram etc separately) it would have cost you around 3,5 million USD.
  • Itunes Terms & Conditions state that “The use of those products for the development, design, manufacturing or the production of the nuclear weapons, missiles, chemical or biological weapons is prohibited
  • &30 of the A8 chips that are integrated into Iphone 6 are manufactured by Samsung.
  • Apple obtained more income in the first quarter of 2014 than the Facebook, Google and Amazon combined.
  • %60 of the apps, on sale on AppStore has never been downloaded.

App Store Apps

  • Siri Inc, had not been purchased by Apple in April 2010, today Siri would have been a virtual assistant AI for the Android based devices.
  • Smoking next to an Apple computer may void the device warranty.
  • Apple has enough money to buy Disney and Coca Cola… in cash.
  • An Iphone contains 75 elements from the periodic table.