Women Hair Loss

We have practical and useful solutions for hair loss in women. By strengthening your hair completely, you will witness the growth of your new hair in as little as 4 weeks! If you’re ready, we’re beginning to tell you the ways to prevent hair loss and have stronger hair.

Hair CyclesWe recommend an immediate yeast mask to provide immediate solution to hair loss and rapid hair growth. This mask, made using fresh or dry yeast, will reduce hair loss from the first use. Because the proteins and beneficial extracts in the yeast nourish the hair and strengthen the roots.

Natural solution for hair loss

It is quite easy to make a yeast mask: Mix 1 package of yeast with 1 teaspoon of warm water and apply it by massaging your hair. Use a bonnet or stretch film and hold for 1 hour. Wash your hair with a proper shampoo. We recommend you to make a yeast mask twice a week. You can set an alarm on your phone for this, so you can do it regularly without forgetting.

You need to consume foods that contain vitamin A and beta-carotene to strengthen hair roots. Why? Because these vitamins are effective for hair regrowth and strengthening of the roots. You wonder which foods are good for hair loss; we are immediately explaining.

Carrot, Dried or fresh apricot, Pumpkin, Yellow bell pepper, Egg Walnut, Beet,  Melon, Leek, Yoghurt, Cheese, Liver, Beef, Beans

Fast Foods vs Healthy Foods

Nutrition plan against hair loss

You should be sure that you eat at least a couple of these foods each day. For example, you can drink walnut water for hair growth and weight loss every morning. You can eat eggs and cheese at breakfast. At your main meals you can eat a lot of carrots and in this way you can fight against hair loss.

Let me give you an example of a nutritional plan, in addition to your daily foods, you will see that hair loss immediately decreases when you start eating them, and that your hair becomes thicker in as little as 4 weeks.

When you wake up: 1 cup of walnut water
For breakfast: 1 boiled egg
Snack: 1 bowl of yogurt
Dinner: carrot salad with olive oil
Snack: 4 apricots

What’s good for hair loss?

In order to prevent hair loss, your hair needs oxygen for at least 15 minutes every day. Upload your favorite music to your phone, walk in the open air for 15 minutes. This is good both your hair and your health.

In addition, the oxygen in the water helps to strengthen the hair. By drinking 15 glasses of water a day, you will see your hair getting stronger. Yes, you will get miraculous results when you apply these effective methods for hair loss regularly for at least 4 weeks.