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If you want to be better than your opponents in the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which gathered a large following by fulfilling the need of Battle Royale games, you better take a look at the following tips and tricks

Backpack Camouflage

Backpacks are great benefits that not many players pay attention to.  One of the most crucial elements that render you invisible is a backpack. In this game, the backpacks have three levels and each level sports two different colors. Do you think choosing them according to your environment make you stealthier?

Backpack Camouflage

For example, choosing a Level 1 backpack with a variant without black patterns in the desert map would make you a silent scorpion in the sand dunes.

Vehicles Selection

Any players almost completely ignore the vehicle selection. Naturally, each vehicle has advantages in the game according to the various situations.

PUBG Vehicle
Armored UAZ

For example, in ERANGEL map, the most suitable vehicle is, without a doubt, UAZ considering the terrain conditions and external factors. The UAZ, which many of us find slow, is actually the fastest accelerating vehicle, meaning that it sports the highest torque. While UAZ is the easiest vehicle to recover with handling characteristics when flipped, it is also one of the most durable vehicles out there. Although UAZ is very slow on the open road, its high torque value makes it an ideal escape machine. An absolute family car, don’t miss it.

Outfit Selection

One of the most overlooked elements in the game is the selection of outfits. Let me explain by an example; you start a new game in the first map and you wear white trousers. To your luck, the playzone shrank to grassland that is under the shades of trees. Amongst this much shadow and green cover, the first one to be picked up would be you.

Outfit of PUBG
PUBG Best outfit for camouflage.

A dark brown coat that can be purchased for 15-20 USD in the market should provide almost perfect camouflage for both maps of the game. It’s like a camo suit.

Un-cleared Bathrooms

That may come as funny to you but never take this situation lightly. In the game, none of the items that pop in the house that you will enter is known. That means that there may have been an M416 in one of the toilets that you did not check and clear but you passed by without looking in.


I see this phenomenon in the apartments most. Even if I enter into a looted apartment, toilets are locked and not looted. Who knows, maybe a KAR98K was overlooked in that toilet.

Shotgun shock

I am sure you also witnessed a scene, in which a guy you shot maybe closer than 5 meter survived. The reason for this is that the shotguns use pellets which disperse all over the place. And we have a solution for that.

PUBG Shotgun Shock

A part that is mounted on the barrel of the shotguns in the game called choke, instantly removes this problem by directing the pallets to a narrower path. This enables a kill with one shot, sometimes from a distance of 6-7 meters.

Unused Ammo

Unused ammo is a mistake made rather less frequently compared to others. Although it is not common, people sometimes pick up the weapon from the drop zones but fail to obtain its ammo when they come to a drop zone. And this makes you an easy target as well.

Ammo Pubg

While you are spacing out for what you will pick up and what you will not, other players already get to put their crosshairs on your head for the killshot.

Footwear  Selection

There is a fact in this regard, which is falsely known by any people. O, taking off your shoes won’t make you more silent. On the contrary, you will be heard more clearly when waling on grassland and you give out more sound to your opponents at the lower floors inside houses.The way to decrease this to a minimum level is equipping with Hi-Top Trainers. Neither should you wear booths nor should you take off your shoes. Doing what is in the middle would make you a stealthier hunter.


This ne here is wrong information rather than a mistake that is made. In this game, the hitboxes in the game are the same for both genders. That means it is not harder to land a hit on a female character because she is slimmer. When the game first took off, many players thought that this would go down like this so they chose female characters, which has led to this wrong information.

Pubg Hitbox


Many players just die when they confuse about which weapon they will discard and therefore spend more time there than they should spend. On the other hand, they do not find time to reload the weapon after making a decision albeit too late.

Pubg Airdrop

Make sure that you laid out your plans on what weapon and ammo type you will discard and which gun parts you will keep while on the road to the airdrop. This would cut the time you need from 30+ seconds to 5-6 seconds.