Pregnancy Sport

The pregnancy period, especially its first three months is the period that requires the most care about the body and the activities. In addition to a strong skeletal system, a durable and flexible body would allow you to experience a rather comfortable pregnancy. There are many exercise options that you can do in every month of the pregnancy by focusing on certain points.

How to exercise and do sports during the pregnancy by months?

For those who have just begun exercising, the most recommended sports activity in the initial month of the pregnancy is walking. You can start strengthening your body with 20-minute walks three times a week. In case your physician approves, you can carry on with the exercise walks throughout the pregnancy. During the pregnancy, sports that place excessive burden on the muscles should be avoided as the activities that require balancing such as cycling should not be undertaken.

Pregnancy Plates

After the 16th week of the pregnancy, you should avoid all kinds of exercises that you do by laying on your back. However, you can perform exercises that are made on a mat and that strengthen your core in the second month. The exercises that are supplemented with leg moves and that focus on the abdominal muscles will ensure that you will have a much stronger body stance during the later months of the pregnancy.

Kegel exercises are important activities that began especially in the third month, beefing up the pelvic muscles. Throughout your pregnancy, you can repeat the pelvic exercises few times a day. The bow shaped pelvic muscles are located between the pubic bones and the tail end region. This muscle group, which connects the bladder and the uterus with its hammock like structure, plays a crucial role in the pushes during the childbirth.

Each pregnancy period differs from the other. In order to determine the right sports activities in pregnancy, it is very important to pick up the most appropriate exercises for you with your physician from the fourth month.

The things to be taken account in pregnancy and post pregnancy periods

The sports activities that are performed during the pregnancy should not lead to balancing issues, some certain areas and points should not be overloaded and the sports activates should not cause any pain in any joints.

The sports activities in pregnancy should aim quick recovery of the body during and after the childbirth, rather than applying pressure to the body. During the pregnancy, moves towards strengthening the body should be exercised in a rather relaxed tempo.

The competition in the sports activities to be exercised during the pregnancy should be avoided.  The most important factor during this process is resting the body and being aware of the signs telling you to stop exercising. If vaginal bleeding, regular contractions with pain, amnion fluid, short of breath before the exercise, dizziness, chest pain, muscle weakness or swelling are experienced during the sports activities, then the current activity should be halted immediately and the physician should be contacted at once.