Clean Desktop

Keeping your PC clean is one of the many important things in the list of maintaining your system. Keeping your computer clean is important because when it gets dusty it might show malfunctions in the hardware. And just as important it is to keep your CPU clean, it is also important to keep the accessories that go with it clean. Because accessories like the monitor of the keyboard are really important if you properly want to use your computer.


Cleaning Monitor
Monitor is something of a necessity if you want to use a computer. You can manage without a mouse or a keyboard but without a monitor, things can be hard. Keeping your monitor clean is one of the best ways to protect it. You can keep it clean by having it away from the windows, where it can receive dust or dirt.

If it is dirty, you can clean it using a clean piece of cloth. The frame and the body need to be dusted and all the dust should be removed from there. You can then use a cleaner on your cloth, not too much, don’t soak your cloth in it, just a little bit. You have to use in a way that no moisture gets inside the monitor.

To clean the screen, you can use a glass cleaner. One important thing to note is that you must take off all the plugs before you clean. Spray just a little in the middle of the screen so that none of the drops reach the frame, then wipe with a clean cloth.


clean keys
Keyboard is one of the things that can be really hard to clean. It has keys and they are all separate, you can’t clean it with cloth because to clean you have to go deep into the base of the keys. It has many parts and it is very sensitive to water. There are two ways to clean a keyboard.


Keyboard Brush
You can use a thin brush. A spare or used toothbrush can be a very helpful item because it can easily go around the keys. You can use that to take the dirt out of the keys and then you can wipe it off with a piece of cloth.


Disassembling Clean
This method is a little longer and harder, but it gives the best results. For this method, you have to remove all the keys of the keyboard. Be careful while removing the keys, you need to keep the key brackets in check. Once all the keys are out, clean the board and the keys one by one and then assemble them back.

Mouse and other Accessories

Clean Mouse
Mouse and all the other accessories are usually smaller than the former two. They can be cleaned easily using the right products. You can find these products in any of the stores. The things that you have to keep in mind are to not expose them to water, moisture or direct sunlight. If you don’t, they stay safe and sound.