Cs:Go Team Build

CS:GO is a game that offers you good times with your friends while having potential to make you happy or to give you ill. In this article, we will offer you some information about finding new team mates in CS:GO, creating teams and first steps towards the e-sports.

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Teams in CS:GO

Lets take a look at the teams, founded in CS:GO. There are many pro teams such as SK Gaming,G2,North,FaZe which left their marks n the history of CS. Those teams have a long and deep history. Most of their roots date back to CS.1,6 and CS: Source era. If you have no history, you can start a nice career here.

Navi Team CS:Go

Views about the teams

First of all, your views regarding how you will found your team and the future course of your team are important. For example, if you are planning to create a team, which will enter into the tournament and achieve success, you need to find the talent. Forming a team, compliant with your game style, hence your skill is logical. You need to try to pick young guys, who will respect you when forming your team.

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Team Name and Logo

Now it is time to find a nice name and picture that is befitting for your team in order to lay the foundation of your team. The name of your team depends on your creativity but if you fail to find one, you can still find a nice clan name in a website called “Clan Name Generator”. If you finally find a proper name, you can now choose the logo. The team logo should contain the team name. You can make the picture of the team with the words, which make up the team name.

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How to choose prospective players for the team

We laid the foundations, now it is time to pick up the players. When choosing a player, the traits like aiming, game experience and game IQ are important. For example, choose a player with a rank above Master Guardian, with an experience over 1000 gaming hours, who decently comprehended the game compared to the hours he /she played.

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Roles within the team and their distribution

An team requires an AWP’er, a rifles, an entry fragger, and IGL and a support on average. After choosing adequate players for your team, you need to distribute the in game roles. After assigning the role of the IGL to a player with high game IQ, entry fragger to a player with good aim and spraying ability, Rifler to a player, who can use rifles such as Ak-47, M4a1-s/M4a4 masterfully, supporter to a player who knows all the flash, smoke and Molotov points on the map and AWP’er to a player, who use his / her AWP well, your team now starts settling in.



We founded the team. Now it is time to join in to tournaments. There are many LAN or online CS:GO tournaments on the internet. Everyday, one tournament kicks off after another one ends. After undertaking the necessary procedures on the tournament sites, you can obtain your entry registry. Good luck with your new team, and remember; even a pro has been with a lot of teams.