short girl dress up

The appeal and dressing of women with short height has always aroused curiosity. The general problem of the short women is the failure to look taller than they are. At this point looking more magnificent and attractive and have a very sharp appearance is not a distant dream thanks to few tiny tips. Several points to be paid attention regarding the selection of the appeal would make you look even more beautiful and taller. This would also give you positive points in your social interactions and would ultimately make you happier.

short women dress up

Here are few tips on how you can dress up:

1. The Truth about Stiletto

Naturally, the very first solution to come to mind is wearing stiletto heels. Donning stylish dresses in pair with elegant stiletto heels would make short women even more classy and gorgeous. Sometimes platform heels may also be a solution. The important point here is that considering the most appropriate and comfortable option out there.


2. The Subject of the Vertically Striped Dress is Important

Wearing a dress with vertical stripes is actually an illusion. Utilizing the long and infinite look of the vertical stripes is in fact used for making the women look taller than they are. In order to visualize how such a dress can be used to give this effect, thinking how a dress with horizontal stripes would make you look larger than you are would be beneficial. In order to give the opposite effect, creating a combination from a bunch of vertically stripes dresses will be handy for you.

Vertically Striped Dress

3. Color Selection

Color selection in the dressing preferences of short women has a critical importance. Especially single color dresses not disrupting the height is one of the key tips. Stay away from the appeals that cuts the wholeness of the dress into two and the dresses disrupts the overall look of the dress as under belly and over belly.


4. Dresses that extent up to the shoulders will be advantageous for you

The fabric with a starting point from the shoulder makes a person taller. Since it is known that the strapless dresses especially create handicaps for short women in terms of height.

Now go in front of your dress cabinet and take a look at your dresses. Get rid of the clothes that do not comply with the recommendations, provided above. And finally, get the chance to stand out with a different feeling and look thanks to the dresses that comply with the recommendations.

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